Why can't I power on my Yamaha AV Receiver HTR-5940?

Hi, my Yamaha AV Receiver HTR-5940 (EU) stop working the second time.

First time and now the second time the same thing, no power, can't turn the device on.

First time the service told me that the ?transformer? or power supply (I'm no expert in English, sorry), the main thing that powers the whole receiver, was broken and they have replaced it.

I used the receiver 5 times and now it doesn't work again.

Can some one help me fix it by my self please :)

I have tried the following following the users manual:


This unit fails to turn on or enters the standby mode soon after the power is

turned on.

The power cable is not connected or the

plug is not completely inserted.

Connect the power cable firmly.


The speaker impedance setting is


Set the speaker impedance to match your speakers.


The protection circuitry has been


Make sure that all speaker wire connections on this

unit and on all speakers are secure and that the wire

for each connection does not touch anything other

than its respective connection.


This unit has been exposed to a strong

external electric shock (such as lightning

or strong static electricity).

Set this unit to the standby mode, disconnect the

power cable, plug it back in after 30 seconds and then use it normally.

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