The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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Why won't my PS3 Slim eject discs?

My PS3 does not eject discs. When you put in a disc, it accepts them, but very slowly. Then, it won't eject them. Also, and this could be key information, the manual eject feature (where you pull off that tab on the bottom of the console where the blue screw is, then insert a screwdriver in the hole and turn counterclockwise to slowly eject the disc) will not work either. I took apart the Blu Ray drive and everything and there is a part that appears to be a bit wonky. I don't know what it is called but it is described at 3:05 in this video:

The part is off center and down, and even when I put in a disc it will not move up like it should. I couldn't find anything wrong with it other than that it appeared to be in the wrong position. Otherwise, I have tried resetting the mechanism and everything that he does in the video but it does not work. The Blu Ray reads games that are in, but just can't eject them. I have scoured the internet for a fix to this and can't find one, and don't want to pay for something that seems like an easy fix.

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I can only eject the disk manually. and like the fellow above the screw driver trick will not work even though it is one of the models on the list..It will work then it won't work.So I know it's capable of doing it's job but it seems it don't have the juice to eject the disk. and it's not on the list in what to do or things to try like some others that shows more details. The charge to send it in for repairs I mias well buy a new one with the shipping,parts and the taxes a new one sounds more reasonable but even the price of a good one comes in a bundle what I don't need. Is there someone out there that has fixed this and is able to close the system back together.


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Is the wonky piece one of the white plastic mechanisms? With like a wheel or with a spring attached? If so or not it might be that u lost a spring that forces the wonky piece back into place when u eject. The ps3 taking in disc's is pretty easy it's getting them back or getting them to spin right that's hard. U have to make sure that everything is n the right place right position and coinciding with the other pieces when u put it back together they should all be in one position closed with no disc in but when u put it back together u have to open up everything as if it were taking a diac so everything falls into place correctly hope this helps


Oh also it could have been when u used the screwdriver to manually turn everything and eject the disc. Try that again but turn it the opposite direction of when u did it last then if that doesn't work try back the other way. But before u do either of those be sure that all pieces are where they're are supposed to be and to really know that u have to watch it work with the top off to really see. When u manually turned it that makes all the gears catch and that either lifts or lowers ur disc reader so one of ur parts is not doing what it's supposed to or its not correctly in place.

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You need to get a new blue ray drive.

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If you still have this issue i found that while trying to use the manual eject the disc was catching on the felt thing on the bottom (not sure how to describe it best) so i used a knife and lifted this disc up and it ejected. and now when i insert a disc it goes faster, before it would go in really slow. Hope that helps

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