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X-Ray machine has Dos/4gw fatal error (1307): not enough memory?

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hi to all,

we have an x-ray scanner but recently we had an error which won't let the x-ray os to start

the error is as follows:

Dos/4gw fatal error (1307): not enough memory

You can see on the attachment for more details

your help will be appreciated!


Shpend h.


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Guys thank you for your help,

This is what i did, since im not advanced in DOS. You can see the attachment of the memory type,

Please if you can send me the dos commands how to proceed how to solve this problem.


Shpend H.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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use the type autoexec.bat command and tell us what your autoexec.bat shows


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Someone else maybe able to offer more info on your X-Ray device.

Here's something that might be useful: DOS/4G and DOS/4GW FAQ

From what I can glean from the FAQ DOS/4GW is an extender which allows Real Mode DOS applications access to the extended memory space (Protected Mode).

Did you add any new apps or updated any? There may be something loading that is using all the extended memory so DOS/4GW can't load. You could be loading it twice as well as the first instance is stopping the loading of the second copy (which is where the error maybe coming from).

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Shpend, first you should tell us which X-ray machine you have. As a general information, remember that DOS/4GW is a 32-bit DOS extender. It will all DOS application to access memory above the 1MB limit. Your problem may be with the conventional DOS memory, which is the memory up to 640K. If you can check your autoexec.bat file and it might help if you could post your lines from autoexec.bat as a comment. I would add mem /c /p before the loading of DOS4GW. that way you can at least see how much conventional memory you have. If any of the memory under 640K is not recognized, you can get the error you are inquiring about.

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Yes, you need to specify which X-ray machine you have. Generally, DOS/4GW is a 32-bit DOS extender has 1MB limit. X-ray medical device comes in different variety; hence it’s essential to tell the product info. However, as OTS said, if your problem is with the conventional DOS memory, you can check their autoexec.bat file that might be of help. Even you can take help of technician that could be able to resolve this problem.

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