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The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP. It contains a beefed up processor and graphics, and includes the addition of a second analog stick. It was released February 15, 2012.

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Vita won't turn on. Solid orange charging light?

I have a Vita and it is not turning on. When plugged into the AC adapter the PS Button stays solid orange. When the power button is pressed it blinks once and goes back to being solid.

I bought this unit for super cheap. It was described as "Died one day and won't turn on". I've seen numerous Vitas with batteries that have been discharged below what the protection circuit limits and the Vita stops recognizing them. I figured that's what the issue was. Upon opening the Vita I discovered some corrosion underneath the shields, and some other indications of water/liquid damage. I cleaned the board off with >99% isopropyl alcohol. It did the same thing so I put the board into an ultrasonic cleaner and still nothing.

I've also gone through all the normal troubleshooting steps.(i.e. hol;d power for 30 secs, change cords, power+ps+vol up, etc.)

I have a feeling this particular system isn't coming back, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any components on the board that would go out first?

Thanks in advance!

**Also to note, the battery is actually being charged when plugged in. The voltage has gone up normally during the charging session/s.**

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Did you ever find a solution? This is the same problem I'm having. Solid orange while charging, pressing power causes the PS button to blink off once then back to solid. When unplugged it seems completely bricked. I figure a new motherboard is needed. Also, I have already swapped out the battery, but have the same result.

by Hotrian

Yeah in fact I've been waiting over 2 months for mine to work but it's still not working I checked the battery but it was dry but I haven't checked the other wire's and I found some water so try looking everywhere for water in the vita ok

by Dorian Ruffin

how to remove cover to see battery on the ps vita

by virginiavhenry49

Sony are fake mine is booting and just dying as it tries to boot

by koriremmanuel

god this sucks havent even had it for a day and it is doing this and no matter what i do it wont turn back on can someone help

by Carson Mcintyre

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Take a phone adapter and the ps vita USB cable and put the vita on charging ,hold ps button(home button),power button and R trigger for 15 seconds and it will be back to normal(saw this on youtube ,worked for me)

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This worked for me, thanks! After a year of ownership, I had only ever charged my Vita by connecting to the PS4 or a PC via the USB cable. Using a higher powered phone charger to connect the Vita directly to the wall socket was enough to get a response right away. It looks like the wall socket charger jump-starts the Vita to get it past that locked stage. Thanks for the help.

by jartner

Worked for me too. Thank you!

by Johnathan Wells

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I was able to fix the problem by using 2 ps vita's.

I had the same problem, if you put it on the charger it blinked once and went to solid orange.

I've opend the ps vita and disconnected the battery and the touch plate connector.

I did the same thing with my other ps vita (that wasn't broken) and replaced the broken ps vita battery with the working ps vita' battery.

So I connected the broken battery with the working ps vita.

When I charged it, my none-broken ps vita was able to charge the broken battery.

Meanwhile, I connected the battery of my none-broken ps vita to the broken ps vita and tried to boot it up. That's when I encountered the next problem.

the ps vita didn't boot up and there was an blue blinking light.

So I went to the recovery menu (R+power+psvita logo) and tried the first 3 options. But that didn't work.

So I installed the ps vita software on my pc and tried to update the system using usb.

I went back to the recovery menu and selected the last option to update the ps vita, and selected to update it from the pc.

It went good, the bar got filled, but when it wanted to restart the ps vita to resume the update in the ps vita menu. There was just a black screen with a solid blue light.

I turned the ps vita off, if you turn it back on you just go back to the recovery menu. So I realised that the ps vita couldn't turn himself off.

so I turned it of and disconnected the battery and waited a second or 2 and connected the battery back to the system.

when I turned it on the update resume in the ps vita menu (that menu with a green background) :D

After that it all worked. It could be that the ps vita tryed to shut back down because of the update and you get the same problem. But just do the same and disconnect an connect the battery to the system.

After that was done the broken ps vita battery was after a few hours fully charged, so I connected all the original parts to the broken ps vita.

and everything worked fine.

I hope I helped some people, because I also did searched the web but didn't found anything.

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You the man, man.

by pleasehelpmeox

Thanks for your help

by Christian

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Started with the same problem of solid on orange light but unit not turning on.

Found that it is the on/off button not working not the level of charge.

Got mine on by plugging USB into computer rather than wall plug and pressing on button whilst connecting to PC.

Console turned on but now will not turn off, other problems now with other buttons. Touch screen working ok but none of the buttons or joysticks.

After a couple of days pratting around with restores, formatting etc some of the buttons and both joysticks now working.

Only bought her for xmas so loathsome to open her up unless Sony can't help. Awaiting return email.

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Thanks man for the information your a life saver now my dad will never find out and I can finally playing on it again

by Dorian Ruffin

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Had the same problem because I didn't use my Vita for months. All I did was connect the USB to my laptop and the PS Vita turned on right away. Weird.

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I just did the same thing with hooking up to my PC and it tur ed right on. Weird for sure.

by Ivan Andren

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This just happened to mine after owning it for almost 2 years. Time to buy a new one.


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I got it to boot by holding down the power and ps button for 20 seconds, or just the power.

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Hi Im having the same issue with my PS vita I just purchased used unfortunately his son put the device on the dash face down and I believe it killed the battery hopefully thats all. When I plug into my laptop the orange charge light does comes on but doesn't go off at all. Im going to replace the battery pretty simple to do just want to be sure its the battery is it possible to boot up the system with the wall plug unit. I did take it apart and unplugged the battery from it and put power too and the orange light started flashing on and off but didn't boot up. Is this unit repairable or should I just keep it for parts at this point and not sink any more money into it. If anyone has more information or ideas to bring it back to life please email me or respond below I would appreciate any help you could offer.

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I don't think it is possible to boot the system without the battery. I think that I've tried that too and had the same result. So maybe replacing the battery will do the job or try the same thing what I did.

by 100whitetiger001

Hi I appreciate you help on this issue and after thinking about it the unit will need a battery to boot up the system I just wanted to be sure that was the problem. I have ordered a new battery will be here in about 2 weeks looking forward to installing it. I hoping for positive results and it does come back to life would be nice to see it operational again. I'll let you know how it goes once I get it instaled and the outcome afterwards. I appreciate all those that were able to offer me some advice on this unit. It's very much appreciated.

by Alvin Slovinsky

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I came across this site a while back during my many searches for a fix for my devices and thought to return to let anyone know what I had found should anyone still be looking or come across it as I did in the future...

If you find yourself getting stuck with your PS Vita not powering on and the whole orange light situation there is a quick fix that actually does work I recently found...

Do exactly these steps in this order:

Hold down the R button, the PS button and the Power button all for approximately 3 seconds and your device will run a soft reset! (Note: I did these steps with my devices plugged in!)

But I can honestly say that this fixed my problem for me so I hope that anyone else running into this sees this like I did and gets the help they need!

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