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White large bar issue with my screen, what is it?

Hi !

I have a big problem with my screen ! I have a large white bar on it... It's not totally white, I can see my desktop behind the bar. If I move my screen (close/open a little bit), the white bar's opacity changes...

Picture :

Block Image

What can I do ? What do I have to repair/change ?

Thanks :) !

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Charles, looks like a TAB error on the LCD panel itself. Cheapest way will be to replace the LCD panel.


Try this place

The matte version LCD is interchangeable with the glossy. The Hi-Res and the Low-Res version are not interchangeable. The Hi-Res options are for the Core i5 and Core i7 models with the higher resolution screen.


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My macbook pro is a late 2008 unibody 2,4Ghz. So I can't put a Hight Res LCD on it ?


And what about this website ? It seems to be the cheapest one...


just be careful as some of these real cheap screens are 2nds. Make sure you can get your money back. If you have to given them a credit card give them an American Express or other that will pick up the tab if the product is bad.


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Sorry to say your LCD driver logic is damaged (part of the LCD panel). You can verify this by plugging in an external display your image should be fine on it.

This can happen when your system gets hit on the edge of the LCD cover. What happens it the metal contacts on the glass break off or the logic got a static discharge burning it out.

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If he presses the top cover a little bit while moving, I agree ... this would cause the change of the white bar, too.


Not always, if it got an ESD hit the logic is burn't not broken so it won't react the same (making / breaking contact). I've seen it both ways.


Hi everybody :) !

No problem with an external screen, I work 8h/day with an external screen :) !

As I said, the white bar may be very visible or completely disappear depending on the inclination of the screen... But it's always at the same place...

Could you tell me where I can buy an LCD (if I have to do it), what kind of tools do I have to buy (can I found a pack with all the usefull tools) and which guide do I have to follow on iFixit ? Can I find a HD screen ? Right now I have a glossy screen but I would prefer a mat one...

Thanks a lot !


Hi Charles

Got this command to find out panel part number without dismantling the whole unit.

ioreg -lw0 | grep IODisplayEDID | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6

Regards, Stone


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Does it change if you press (very slightly) the back of the panel (the cover)? Or does it only change, if the panel is moved?

If it is only the latter one, you can check the connections of the panel (one on the logic board, the other one on the LCD itself, but requires to remove the glas in front to check); cheapest try of repair would be to replace the LVDS cable.

I don't think it is a faulty LCD.

Regards, Stone

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Nothing really happens when I a touch the cover. It changes, but only because touching the cover makes the screen move...

What do I have to do and what do I have to buy ? How much does it cost ?

Thanks a lot :)


Take care of what Dan recommends: try an external screen; if everything is ok, I would stick with replacing or moving around the LVDS cable at first in order to see, if it is broken - next thing is replacing the LCD.

A LCD can be found at various places; as I do not know how "ifixit" reacts, I will not post a link.

A guide for replacing the panel can be found here - it is not that difficult it looks like (I have done it two times); all you need is patience and a lot of flair.

In opposite to the guides I would recommend to lift the glas a bit off the corner and not in the corner.

Using guitar picks helps a lot :-)

Regards, Stone


@Stone, it is okay to link to other sites that provide services or sell merchandise. This is all part of a good answer. Your answers are always valid and pertinent to the question asked. So posting any link, other than advertising or offering your own service, in answers is perfectly ok.


Ah - ok. I see. One of the lowest prices I could find for displays was offered by - but please be aware to check out the panel you need by part number of the old one.


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