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MBP won't boot up after startup chime it just dies?

MBP won't boot up on pressing power key. I get start up chime and SIL lights up bright, then goes dull, then MBP dies.

If I hold power button down SIL lights up bright, as before, goes dull and flashes rapidly before dying.

Screen stays black.

Have tried PRAM and SMC reset and tried power up with and without battery inserted.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Not 100% sure on model number it could be a A1226 or A1260)

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Can yo give us the last three digits of your serial number so we can correctly identify which model.


What does the charger LED show (Orange or Green)? What does the battery tester on the battery show (how many green dots)? Do you have a second Battery?


Hi Dan

Thanks for replying ...serial number worn off at back and can't put my hand on the receipt. LED shows orange. No lights on battery.. Unfortunately I don't have another battery.


led has now gone green, but its still not powering up.


Ally, it would really help if you give us the last three digits of your serial number. That way we can correctly identify which model.


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At this point I think you need to open up the system to check it out for a disconnected cable or damage. Did you get your system wet or bang it? Please take pictures so we can see the damage.

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Dan thanks ...haven't banged it nor spilled liquid on it ...opened up just in case and there is definitely no physical damage there.


Also, think it is an A1260, as per the details above, if that helps.


Thanks oldturkey13 for your comprehensive reply, that is very useful. I will give it a go and see how that goes.


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Ally, lets start off with what Apple suggest :"

1. Reset SMC and Clear PRAM to set default startup device to internal hard disk drive (HDD).


User hard drive bootable, issue resolved default settings.


Customer system not starting up, go to step 2

2. Is system indicating a memory error with repeated sleep LED 1 or 3 flash sequence and beep tones if sound is enabled?


Troubleshoot memory issues, go to step 3


Continue with startup sequence verification go to step 4

3. Reseat customer memory and/or swap in known good memory to isolate bad memory and replace defective parts.


Customer memory defective and replaced. Continue to verify startup process. Go to

step 4


Should known-good memory fail in one or more slots, replace logic board.

4. Hold the Alt (Option) key during startup and verify there is a bootable hard drive shown in Startup Manager. Choose customer hard drive. Does start up from this drive work?


System starting up from customer hard drive. Startup issue resolved


Customer hard drive not present or does not start up from this drive. Continue to

find bootable device. Go to step 5

5. Insert product OS install disc in optical drive. Install disc is bootable and should be

present in Startup Manager. Can system start up from OS install disc?


Starts up from optical drive - customer hard drive not yet bootable, go to step 8


Computer has no internal bootable devices. Test external startup devices, go

to step 6

6. Boot from a known-good bootable copy of product OS on a USB drive or network

server to start up and verify internal mass storage devices are available using System

Profiler and Disk Utility.


System started up from external device and reports data regarding internal SATA

devices. Go to step 7


No startup devices available Replace logic board" hope this helps, good luck.

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