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System Got Wet! Get A New Motherboard or Get A New System?


Had bought my 3ds off of ebay working great as described,...but noticed one day it had...dropped it in the toilet bowl... and had fished it out in about 11 or 10 secs(fast) or less...Yes the 3ds was submerged in water...

Didn't turn on the first time so i quickly set it down, used a towel to pat slight dry the outside and sit it down to dry.

Next day, opened the back cover carefully and noticed a little few drops on the battery and the "hash-tag" which was originally white but now..slight pinkish with a little shade of white... I had the audacity hit me tried turning on the system just to check and noticed the screen was dark on one side of the top and bottom... so quickly turned it off.

Turned it on the next day to check a few secs, the screen was lighter but you could see a slight smear in the light... the power, select, start and everything was working great except for the power button that was acting funny..I didn't even have to click how i usually do on it,...when you have your finger on it slightly it automatically turns to the menu if you want to set it to sleep mode and then i can normally press shut down...

Turned it on later that same day...everything going great, then a sudden slight static/zap noise that sounded like it came from the bottom layer of the "Home, Select, Start" line buttons... turned it off immediately.. shut down originally.

Next day, opened the next layer under half way and noticed the other "hash-tag" was more pinkish than the first one.. so i have a feeling it mostly affected the bottom latter piece of the motherboard... which is the line buttons i referred to earlier...when i turned on the system...i noticed those line buttons probbly short-circuited during that test run....

Have a feeling I may have to get a new whole system again...not sure I have a chance at even changing the motherboard...(its basically getting a new 3ds but slightly cheaper).

Now I have the system under rice submerged...(that sounds way too late.."') If you have any suggestions i'd love to hear them...(And please no unnecessary criticism (>_<"))..Thanks... -Miche

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Gello26, I do agree, it is to late for the Rice. Rice might be great for an immediate "first aid" but it will not fix it. First thing you want to do is to no longer try to charge it or to turn it on, remove the battery. I suggest that you disassemble your 3DS using this guide. Then clean every part with isopropyl alcohol, use 90%+ for that. Also use a soft brush to clean the logic board and all the cables and connectors with that. It is okay to submerge it. Check your logic board for burned, charred or missing components. Once it is perfectly clean (no residue and definitely no corrosion) replace the battery and reassemble your 3DS. Once done, re-evaluate for any damage. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you very much for the update and yeah..I do think it was way too late for the rice lol..i should've listened to my mother with trying to do it when i fished it out of the... yeah lol...thanks again may try it out some time soon or some day when I get the chance. :D


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