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Replace hdd with ssd - questions I still can't find answer to


I'm going to buy the new iMac 27''. I'd like to buy it with just 1TB hdd and then replace it with an SSD. Here is the SSD I chose:

I read many threads around here and on other sites and honestly I found different answers to the question "can I upgrade my iMac with an SSD?".

Actually, I know it theoretically possible, but I still can't figure out all the issues I could find doing the upgrade.

I asked a trusted AASP near my hometown and they told me they don't know if it's possible to do it with a third-party SSD. Anyway, they're available to do it for me if I want.

So I'm kindly asking you if you could give me an answer to the doubts I still have on the subject:

- There will be any warranty issue after the upgrade?

- There will be any "FAN issue" after the upgrade? (I know it was not possible to replace the hdd in the mid-2011 iMacs with a third-party one because there was a sensor which made the fan go crazy with a non-original hdd installed)

- Is the SSD I linked earlier in this post compatible and correct for the replacement in an iMac?

- If it's safer to use an original Apple SSD, where can I buy it (256GB or 512GB)? Which brand and model is an "original Apple SSD"? What about the performance?

Thank you very much for your attention.

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How will you get around removing the screen from an iMac 27" EMC 2546? Will you have to use a hot air gun?


I've already asked my trusted AASP to do the replacement. They said they'll do it, but they don't know about the possible consequences which I'm asking about in this question.


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  • Choosen SSD will work.
  • Performance of the OCZ? Forget the different benchmarks. It's more a valuable thing.
  • Fan-issue? I gather the sensor is bonded like on to the older iMacs. Strip it carefully off and re-bond it to the SSD.
  • Warranty will lose, if change of HDD is not done by certified Apple partner.

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Thank you _very much_ for your answer. Thank you!

So, if I got it right, there will be NO warranty issues if I ask my AASP to do the work (they told me they will).

Also, fan problem: it is possible to disconnect the sensor from the original hdd and then there is a port on the SSD where they can connect it back. Did I understand everything right?

About the "performance" question: I was asking about the original Apple SSD that I can buy for $900 more: I know OCZ is better, but I was wondering about the performance of the Apple SSD, which brand is it, its performance, etc... Thanks again!


A SDD is pretty much faster on file seeking, file search or big data open/write. On normal operations you would *not* find any big differences on SDD "A" to SDD "B".

The Apple option is the expensive way, because they know that opening an iMac is very tricky. Maybe it is an option to buy a "MiniStack Max" (NeverTech) with Thunderbold connector. Place your SSD into the MiniStack and boot from this drive.


I will think about it, anyway after you told me that there will be no fan issues and that the ssd I choose has the connector for the fan sensor to make it work properly, I think I'll buy an internal SSD and ask my AASP to install it inside the iMac. Thank you again!


Again to the HDD sensor: on old iMacs it depends on the model. Some are bonded, some are sticked (to a connector). I can't tell you, how it's on your choosen model. Sorry.

Maybe you can disable the fan or the sensor.


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I can tell you from experience that the SSD upgrade will work. The sensor is neither bonded to the HDD or requires a third party cable to a port (like some of the previous generation iMac's required - note: they only worked with Seagate drives). The most important thing is to make sure that you have the correct adhesive strips or electronic adhesive available to make sure that the new iMac screen doesn't become separated after awhile due to excessive heat.

Hopefully this helps!

~ Leron


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