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Corrosion on MB (motherboard) and how to open laptop

for everyone who have taken their time to read this , i say thank you.

I have an asus g55vw and apparently it was hit by water when i was sleeping (i kept it powered on because i was downloading something) and by the morning i found it was turned off and was hit by massive amount of water.

after i woke up, i immediately plugged off the power cable and remove the battery but i guess it was already too late since the water may have struck in between my 8 hours of sleep.

I took it to my asus service center nearby and they said the mb was hit by corrosion. they said i have to replace the mb because corrosion kills your mb (thats what they said) but for me its a complete bull because i have seen many people in the net got their mb hit by corrosion and fixed it.

the steps i have taken:

1. unplugged the power source and removed the battery

2. flip the laptop upside down and kept it that way for 1-2 days

now, for the questions:

1. How to fix the corrosion (steps, items needed)

2. for you who also have an asus g55vw and apparently know how to open each part of the laptop, can you tell me how?

sorry for my bad english, haven't learned much. and thank you for those helping/at least giving infos

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Gandira Prahandika, that is a big may be. It is not all bull about the corrosion. It depends on where it is, what has been corroded the most, and if there is any short circuited caused by turning it on while it has had the water damage and corrosion. The very first thing You want to do is to no longer trying to turn it on or anything like this. Remove the battery and the power supply. Use the manual to totally disassemble your computer. Take a good luck at the board to make sure there are no charred or burned or missing components. Clean absolutely everything with +90% isopropyl alcohol. After that let it dry. Do not use any forced air or heat, just let it all evaporate. You need to repeat this process a couple of times, make sure you do not forget the connectors, the RAM etc. After that reassemble and reevaluate. Post images of the board, any corrosion damage etc as an update with your original question.

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if i recall, there's no burn stains on my mb its only like some hardened toothpaste (that must be the corrotion) so i guess i dont have to worry about burned components. and about the alcohol, do i just dip each part to a basket full of the alcohol or swipe the corrotion with soft cloths?


Yes, the white crusty stuff is the corrosion. You soak your piece in isoproyl alcohol and use a soft brush, something like a toothbrush would work. Just do not scrub to hard. You would not want to knock components off. If the corrosion is to caked on, you can try to clean it with a vinegar/sterile water solution. Make sure that after you clean it with a vinegar/water solution that you rinse it well in the isopropyl alcohol solution after. The alcohol will help to evaporate the water.


thank you very much! i will do these steps as soon as i know how to open my laptop. the manual doesn't help much


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Hello Gandira!

That is a link for your service manual for that specific laptop.

Before I go any further, I need to warn you that repairing water damage after a unit has been powered is not an easy task, especially a laptop, and most especially a large amount of water.

You have taken good steps to reduce the damage, however most of the damage is already done. I am not going to say the computer is not fixable, it is just going to take a good amount of labor to do so.

I will let someone with more experience in this process explain it to you. Good luck!

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i am still able to fix it somehow, right?

thanks for the quick response btw


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Always remember, bottled water is "mineral enriched" and mineral water forms a "crust" (water mark) when dried. That's what's affecting your PC.

or follow these steps:

1. Unplug from AC outlet

2. remove all screws from bottom and place them somewhere safe

3. remove the lid

4. disconnect the battery (no need to take it out, just carefully take the plug from socket on logic board)

5. get some q-tips and rubbing alcohol

6. soak the q-tip in alcohol and *carefully* without applying major force go around the area where it's corroded

7. repeat a few times changing q-tips after every pass.


Meagan Shoults -

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