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This is a Dyson DC 14 vacuum cleaner.

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Why isn't my beater bar spinning?

The beater bar isn't spinning, the belt seems fine, the suction is good. The filters have been cleaned. I've had the vacuum for about 5 years and never had an issue until now. It also doesn't want to stand upright--but this could be an unrelated issue.

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Your beater bar is not moving because the gear that it's belt sits on is full of hair, threads etc.

Unplug the vacuum.

Remove the beater bar cover using a large coin.

Remove the beater bar. This will take some patience and time.

Remove the belt.

The gear should have hair strands etc. wound around it.

Remove the hair etc.

Replace the belt.

Replace the beater bar.

Replace the beater bar cover.

Plug in the vacuum.

Thouroughly clean your carpet as it hasn't been cleaned well the last few times do to the vacuum not working properly.


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The DC14 has a clutch that engages or dis-engages the beater bar depending on floor type. You may need to replace the clutch. There are Utube videos that show how to do this. You can order the replacement parts online. Also videos on changing belts, etc.

by lsfletcher66

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I've never had any first hand experience with the Dyson DC14, but this DysonMedic post and this other post might help steer you in the right direction. Good luck!

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The belt is still tight but will not turn when on.

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I took the beater bar partway out and pulled away threads. The belt seemed fine also. I put all parts back on and voila! It was working. My guess is I may have been a little rough when vacuuming and jarred the bar out of place.

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how do you change the belt on dyson vac

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My wife got some table cloth jammed in the brush bar.

When pulled out suction ok but no brush bar rotation.

No hair or thread on bar to impede rotation

Followed these intructions see URL below, to remove brush bar.

Brush bar drive shaft seemed a little stiff and after a few rotations by hand seemed better.

Replaced brush bar and immediately worked.

Not sure what the diagnosis was ? drive shaft jammed ? some kind of protective jam.

Worth trying this simple routine before trying more complicated dismantle !!


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