Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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After water damage, after cleaning, don't turn on and don't charge

Hello community!

I have a big problem. I've buy an iphone 4 at ebay. The seller says, that the iphone was dropped in a toilett.

First one i took the logic board and cleaned it in a bath of an isopropanol approx 70 % and in an electrical cleaner called "KONTAKT WL Universal Reiniger für die Elektronik universal cleaner for electronic.

After this i assembled the components and my phone is do nothing.

- I can`t turn it on

- no charge

- no initialize with itunes

but i know that the display touch are allready. I cant see any kinds of corrosion ore damaged contacts. Only that can i see is that the soldering joints are a little bit darker as a new logic board.

- switch power on / off is OK

- Battery is ok

- Display / touch are ok

- cable to charge is ok

One thing what i can see is, that one smd component near the headphone jack connector was one contact detached.

Who can tell me for what that component is? I dont think that can solve my problem. I think it must be near the power supply.

Please help me!!! I don`t know what else i can do.

I offer my thanks in advance.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

the logic board on the top is the board with no function. the upper board was only to check the components with the top one.

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That part is FL21 on the logic board. That is a 10-OHM-200MA filter and is part of your camera circuit. From what I got, it is a 2010 package SMD, 2mmX1mmX0.7mm. So,obviously it is not going to be easy to solder. Of course, I would recommend to further clean with a higher grade isopropyl alcohol (greater than 90% is advisable). I'd further more also stay away from any of the contact cleaners. Have had some bad experiences with that. I'd definitely replace the battery and the dock connector as well. You do want to arm yourself with a multimeter and see if you have power to the battery connectors when you plug your phone into an AC adapter, after you clean it again. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Stay way from anything else but isopropyl alcohol. Anything else will leave residue and will create corrosion. If you do want to try something different, take it to a jeweler and have it cleaned ultrasonic. Also, do not use a heatgun. If you get carried away, it is possible that you actually cause more damage to any of the solder. You do not want to reflow your board accidentally. A reflow will only work if you know for sure that this is where the problem originated from. Clean, clean, and clean again.


Okay. I take youre suggestion.

If i take it to a juwelier, do you know which liquid do theire use in the ultrasonic? Which liquid is the best for a ultrasonic bath?

Can you give me the shematics for example on picture 2? You can see some components (J1, J7, J8)


So... Today i was buying isoprpyl alcohol (100%). I've putted my logic board in the alcohol bath. How long must be stay in the bath to clean all corrosion?

I was today also talking to my jeweler. He says that theire ultrasonic is filled with a liquid called **renovirin**

Can i use for logic boards that liquid?

How long do i need for the ultrasonic bath?

Best regards


Das ist ja ein gutes Chemikalie :-) (wow, Cyanid-Vergiftung) In diesem Fall wuerde Ich dann nicht das reinigen von der Platine empfehlen, weil wir ja nicht wissen wie das mit dem plastik von der Platine reagiert. Ich haette ja gedacht das die so was benutzen Es ist ganz normal die Platinen mit Ultraschall zu reinigen. Normalerweise wuerden 20minuten lange genug seihen. Aber wenn Du das nicht hasst, oder keinen zugang zum Ultraschall hasst, musst du eben noch das Alkohol and die Zahnbuerste benutzen. :-) Fuer den rest deiner Frage, meine E-mail addresse ist in mein Profil und so ist mein Skype :-)


Okay, gut das ich nachgefragt habe :-)

Diese Flüssigkeit hört sich eher danach an, dass ich einen Elektronikspezialisten mal fragen muss. Ihc denke nicht dass ein Juwelier sowas bei uns hat.

Ich lasse jetzt mal die Platine 48 h lang in der Flüssigkeit werde diese zwischendurch mit einem pinsel reinigen und zwischendurch mit druckluft abblasen. Danach packe ich den in einen Ofen auf 50 °C und in einen Exikator. Dann müssten alle Flüssgkeiten entfernt sein.

Gibt es noch eine andere Methode ausser Ultraschallbad?

Ich werde dir gleich mal eine email schicken. (vectrab97...)

Danke für die Antwort.


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