battery is charging but without magsafe it switch off!

Hey people i really need your help!!! i'm in Brasil, WRITING my master degree thesis and my mac is getting ^!&*!!! i really don't have money to buy a new one and there's a lack of spare parts!!!

this is the last problem:

i have to let macbook always connected with magsafe, it say (not charging) but the battery is charging!!!

if i disconnect electricity it drastically switch off..

magsafe and battery are fine.. i already try to resetting the SMC without any results.

[Other recents problems could be connected:

one month ago keyboard and touchpad stopped to work,in the same moment! how can i do?!! could be 'cause planned obsolescence?]

please somebody helps me..quite desperate.

thanks a lot!!!!

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Try hooking up an USB keyboard and mouse, see if they work. If they do try resetting your SMC and PRAM from the USB keyboard, also let us know if they work. If the USB mouse and keyboard function you will be able to continue your work even if the ones on your top case never work. Trying that is the place to start.


ABCellers - Good idea! At least she could finish her thesis. I would add she should get a thumb drive to make a copy of her work just in case things get worse before she can get her system fixed.


ahahhhh. muito obrigada Dan. At least in Rio there's praya!

ok. i already did a copy of everything, months ago when happens the first problem, and also buy usb devices, everything's working.

i already try to reset SMc and PRAM.. ehh doesn't work, obviously.

I think there's only one thing to do now: pray and bring it to a comp assistance.

I'll start praying and tomorrow i'll do the rest, let you know what's wrong..

thanks you very much!!


Não faz mal!


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Alice - Sounds like your system is having a lot of problems. Are you in a humid area of Brazil? If so I suspect you have moisture damage internally. No computer could survive this and it's not planned obsolescence.

Can you get a large bag of uncooked rice? If so put your system into a course weaved cloth bag (large openings but not large enough for the rice to enter). Open the system lid a bit (a few inches) and place the the system in a container that is large enough to put the rice around it (fully covering it and within the gap of the lid and keyboard). Try this for a day or two and see how it responds afterwards. If you don't see any improvements try it again this time turn on your computer so the CPU creates some heat. You want the system in sleep mode and only do this for no more than six hours. Any better?

If the system does not improve your'll need to open the system to clean up the corrosion that has built up. If you can get your system to an Apple authorized repair shop or an Apple Store would be best (if Brazil has one). Can you ship your system to Apple for repair?

If you have no choice and need to do this your self do you feel you can open your system and service it your self? Do you have access to the needed tools and supplies?

But before we can talk about what you'll need to do, you'll need to give us the last four digits of your serial number so we can correctly identify your system.

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okok..desperation over control.

so i check for the humidity tax here is about 55% .. not so high, no?

I already found a store that could help me, not an apple care.. i'll give them the computer this week and see what happen!

to identify my system, the last four digits are: 8W0J

thanks you very much for the reply!!


When I was in college I took a trip down to Rio de Janeiro for winter break many years ago, it was great! Beautiful country. And I remember it was so very humid. We spent a lot of time at the beach. Sorry to here imports are still so heavily taxed. Good Luck!


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