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1st Gen iPad front panel replacement

by Ken

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My Problem

This ipad took a fall and the screen didn't survive.

My Fix

After sourcing a "new" part from Ebay only to find out that the panel was broken and the digitizer had a huge dead spot, I finally learned my lesson. No more used parts unless iFixIt doesn't have them. May be time to invest in a 3D printer???

Bought the iPad Wifi Front Panel Assembly from iFixIt and slapped it in and now it works like new. If only I could update it to take the new iOS.

My Advice

Use trusted sources for parts. This repair took a full week longer than it should have due to wasted time ordering and installing, then trashing a worthless part then ordering and installing the new part.

As far as the job itself, the Pro Tech Kit had everything I needed to get this apart and back together easily. When using the spudgers to open the sides try get in by the tabs and pop them without breaking them.