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  • Answer to: Need to turn iPhone 4 off without the power-lock button!

    This is a little late but maybe will help someone else since I just had to do it. If the top button is not working and you need to power off the phone, Go to: Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> AssistiveTouch Set this setting to On. This will place a transparent black square with a white dot in the center on your screen. Tap the dot and and a menu will pop up, one option on the menu is Device and has a simple image of the iphone on it. Tap Device, the a second menu will pop up, this menu will have a Lock Screen image on it. Press and hold this icon and the screen will transition to the normal power off screen. From here power off like normal. Now once you get it turned off, if you need to power it back on you just have to plug the device up a charger. Once it's plugged in the device will power back on.