iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

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Featured Guide

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Replace the battery on your iPhone 4S.

Replacing the battery on the iPhone 4S requires minimal disassembly.

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Edit Step 1 Rear Panel  ¶ 

  • Before disassembling your iPhone, be sure it is powered off.

  • Remove the two 3.6 mm Pentalobe screws next to the dock connector.

  • During reassembly, we recommend you replace the 5-point screws with equivalent Phillips screws. Our Liberation Kit provides the tools and screws needed to replace the Pentalobe screws with Phillips screws.

  • The 5-Point Screwdriver should only be used once, as it has the potential to strip the screws.

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Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • Push the rear panel toward the top edge of the iPhone.

  • The panel will move about 2 mm.

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Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • Pull the rear panel away from the back of the iPhone, being careful not to damage the plastic clips attached to the rear panel.

  • Remove the rear panel from the iPhone.

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Edit Step 4 Battery  ¶ 

  • Remove the following screws securing the battery connector to the logic board:

    • One 1.7 mm Phillips screw

    • One 1.5 mm Phillips screw.

  • Use a plastic opening tool to gently detach the battery connector from the device.

  • Pay attention to the pressure contact underneath the top screw of the battery connector. This may come loose while prying the battery connector from its socket.

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Edit Step 5  ¶ 

  • Use a plastic opening tool to pull the pressure contact from underneath the battery connector.

  • When reinstalling the pressure contact, be sure to clean it with a degreaser such as windex or isopropyl alcohol. The oils on your fingers have the potential to create wireless interference.

  • Take notice of the position of the small black ground clip on the upper screw of the battery connector. This clip is attached only by the upper screw. When reinstalling, it must be aligned so the gold contact point will press against the back cover.

  • Be VERY careful not to remove the pressure contact point from the logic board. There are 4 very small soldering points awaiting this mistake!

Image #1

Edit Step 6  ¶ 

  • Insert the edge of a plastic opening tool between the battery and the outer case near the bottom left corner of the iPhone.

  • Run the plastic opening tool along the right edge of the battery and pry up at several points to completely separate it from the adhesive securing it to the outer case.

Image #1

Edit Step 7  ¶ 

  • Use the exposed clear plastic pull tab to peel the battery off the adhesive securing it to the iPhone.

  • Remove the battery.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

For more information, check out the iPhone 4S device page.

Required Tools

Phillips #00 Screwdriver

$5.95 · 50+ In stock

Plastic Opening Tools

$2.95 · 50+ In stock

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When I removed the battery the glue was holding it in. I used the screw driver to pry it out. It sparked and I'm sure shorted the logic board. VERY IMPORTANT ONLY USE PLASTIC TOOL WHEN REMOVING BATTERY! Now I have no service. I swapped a different logic board into same phone and works fine. Any suggestions on how to fix the old logic board are appreciated.

Eric, · Reply

Well, the phillips screwdriver was a bit awkward. Had to hold screwdriver top down with one hand and turn driver with other hand. All else was as stated. Never had to touch any internal parts with my bare hands just used tools. That saves the worries about static or corrosion. One part that I failed to see in write up is the small case ground. Don't loose it it will come loose once screw is out.

brriverrat, · Reply

A couple of suggestions.

1). If you are over about 40, some sort of hands free magnifier helps a lot - I used a headband mounted jewelers magifier called an Optivisor.

2). A pair of fine tipped tweezers and a gentle touch will let you grab the pressure contact in step 5 without getting skin oil on it.

3). Work over some sort of tray to stop small parts from rolling away.

4). If you don't have a spudger or a set of plastic case opening tools (or you know you have them, but can't recall their exact location at this moment...*cough*), the corner of an an expired credit card, or a stiff guitar pick will work to pry the battery loose. It will likely bend the card though, so do use an expired one. I used an empty Starbucks gift card I found in a junk drawer...

npkeith, · Reply

I am a French user

So excuse my english

I install the battery

I get a big problem I can not use the phone to call.

The Iphone can not find the telephone line.

The wifi work well.

an idea?

Madoc1, · Reply

I am a French user

So excuse my english

I install the battery

I get a big problem I can not use the phone to call.

The Iphone can not find the telephone line.

The wifi work well.

All the programs are in the phone.

The only Thing That did not works is the phone application.

I can not call or receive calls.

an idea?

Madoc1, · Reply

Did you check to make sure the antennae did not get disconnected? It is easy to disconnect, so you have to make sure to check that it snaps into place. The connector is the gold piece connected by a black wire.


Replacing the battery made my battery life ten times worse. Did I install it wrong?

kcwatanabe22, · Reply

Install worked as described, and with a bit of luck.

There needs to be a more detailed photo/explanation in Step-5 regarding the positioning of the small multi-layered piece (with black coating) that is held down by one of the screws (above antenna connector and below battery connector) and that must be 'in-position' (without a screw) while you place the new battery and attache the batt. connector.

Thanks for the guide.

ddarb8orders, · Reply

I have replaced my battery which is now powered fine but I now don't have a phone signal which is "searching" can anyone advise?

Vic Smith, · Reply

I have managed to successfully replace the battery but now I have no phone signal which just says "searching". Can anyone advise what I need to do ?

Vic Smith, · Reply

If the phone is not connecting to you provider (also date/time is reset), plug it in to your computer/ itunes for a while. It should go back to normal.

Ian Booth,

People should be advised that the screwdrivers provided with the iFixit battery replacement fix kit are slightly magnetized, which was a surprise. So touching anything except the screws themselves with them is a bad idea.

threephi, · Reply

Another general comment about this guide: the photos are very nice, but it would be extremely foolish to open your phone and remove the battery while holding it in your hands, as is depicted. Work on a flat, clean, open table top to minimize the chance of losing any screws or other parts.

threephi, · Reply

i didn't know what possibly went wrong, i enclose the assembly and there's no gsm signal, so i re-open the back cover and install it again, then the signal comes right back.

Mac, · Reply

I was a bit confused, as my Battery APN was 616-0582, which was not listed on the "Replacements Battery Parts" which is sold here. Only Apple Part #: 616-0580, 616-0579, 616-0581 are listed there. But The 79 I bought works like a charm as a replacement of my 82. At least after restarting after I got a "searching" in the first two minutes.

Starkiller, · Reply

After I replaced the battery according to these instructions, I, too, had the scary "searching" error when looking for my service provider, even though my 4G was available. I plugged the phone into my computer and rebooted the phone. When it came back on, my provider showed right up. All is well. Do watch for that little black and gold thingy...it's teeny, and comes loose no matter what you do. Just pin it between the phone and connector on the top screw, with that little gold dot facing you. Put the screw in to hold it in place.

Chris Beck, · Reply

This was so easy! Slow and careful. The longest bit was getting the battery off of the adhesive.

It's medium in difficulty but it is my first repair! :)

emtandy, · Reply

Replacement went well, but I did encounter the "Searching" problem on re-start. Phone could not find carrier. Fix was simple though. Just reset network settings located under Settings/General/Reset (scroll to bottom)/Reset Network Settings.

wbggeneral, · Reply

It's a easy work

Zero Knight, · Reply

Just changed my battery.

I concur with others regarding the "No Service" issue after restarting. Before tearing it down again to check the antenna connection, I rebooted the Phone and then the second time I had service. So if you are fairly confident of your handiwork then definitely try this first!

As others have stated it is worth keeping a very close eye on the black earthing clip and it's positioning before removal. It is held down with the top screw and must be repositioned before the screw is fitted. I used the thinnest end of the Plastic Opening Tool to slide into the fold of the earthing clip in order to guide it into place. My Pentalobe tool was slightly magnetized so I used that to bring the screws in for tightening with the Philips screwdriver.

Thanks ifixit!

wazzamagoo, · Reply

This worked wonderfully for me!

My iPhone 4s battery was discharging very rapidly since I installed iOS 7. Although I'd read reports that it's a software problem with the latest iOS, the phone is over two years old.

This repair has greatly improved my phone's battery life. Before I replaced the battery, when the phone reached ~7%, it would shut off at any time, and I could only use it for about two hours. The battery can now deplete all the way to 1% and I have much more battery life. I'm very happy with the battery kit from iFixit; it's revitalized my phone.

The battery replacement isn't easy -- the screws are very small indeed. The "pressure contact" popped out when I disconnected the battery. I had to look at the high resolution iFixit image to understand its replacement. To replace, first attach the battery connection, and then slide the "pressure contact" beneath the top screw of the battery connection. Fine-nosed tweezers make this much easier than fingers.

Marshall, · Reply

easy and quickly replaced the battery. thanks for your helpful guide.

sbaeriswyl, · Reply

The installation worked well for me. I did use latex gloves to avoid the transfer of oil from my skin to the device parts. The screws, particularly on the inside of the device, are tiny so it is really important to have good lighting. A free-standing shop magnifying glass would make the process of inserting the screws easier.

brhanks, · Reply

I just completed the replacement. The first time the device would not power on without a power cord connected. There was no service and I was unable to activate Wi-Fi. So I opened the phone up again, removed the battery connector, aligned the ground clip and cleaned it with alcohol. This time the phone was able to boot without the power cord attached, but the screen was flickering like !@#$ around the corners. Wi-Fi worked and so did service. After a minute I noticed that the flickering was less noticeable and now after 30 minutes it's completely gone. So if you have the flickering issue, just wait a few minutes.

tomteichert, · Reply

After replacing the battery the phone wouldn't connect to GSM. At first I thought it had to do with the pressure contact that connects to the back cover so I redid it a few times but no luck. Finally had to take it to a service center, luckily the solution was only a few minutes away. Connect the phone to a wifi network, pull the SIM card and then insert it again after a while, enter your pin and you"re up and running again. I was not the first customer who had entered the shop with this problem. Best wishes from Sweden!

Patrik Mellnert, · Reply

Extremely good guide - took all of 10 minutes to change the battery without any issues. As always just ensure you have all the right tools and worth reading through other members comments. Well done iFixIt!

Adrian Casemore, · Reply

An easier repair than I anticipated. My advice is once you get the back off, take a minute to study the orientation of the battery connector and the small black ground clip underneath the top screw; it will inevitably pop out of position when removing the battery thus requiring realignment. Go slow and use minimal force when prying both the battery connector and battery. After powering on the phone, I too had the problem of acquiring a cell signal. After five minutes of the phone displaying "Searching," I did a reset (holding sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously) and when phone powered back on I immediately received a signal from my carrier. Looking forward to greater battery life between charges.

sbatzel, · Reply

- I had the same issue with "searching" network and I was *unable* to address it by: (i) resetting the network settings, (ii) removing the SIM card, (III) connecting my iPhone to iTunes, and (iv) setting the time automatically.

- Eventually, I had to manually set the date (especially the year) and time to the right settings, then reboot.

- After that everything got back to normal.

Asterios Leonidis, · Reply

just completed this very easy battery replacement on my daughters iPhone 4s. Steps are really easy to follow, one thing I found helpful was to use a tweezers to put the pressure contact back underneath the top screw of the battery connector!

collinsmikep, · Reply

This is soooooo easy.

I also had the 'Searching' issue.

Powered down, and back up again and all was fine.

Shame on Apple for making this appear to be elusive.

I did use a magnifying light, and a pair of needle nose type tweezers for the pressure contact. I also cleaned the back and the connectors with alcohol like they recommended, but not sure if it made any difference.

Well done ifixit!

motteatoj, · Reply

Followed instructions and had a perfect installation. Two tips: before unscrewing the battery clips, pry up the battery to loosen it from the adhesive, carefully. Then unscrew the clip and carefully pry it up. That way, there's no frantic popping of the grounding clip. Then pull off the battery. Also, once put back together, power up, then remove the SIM card and reinstall (like everyone else is doing). Presto, new battery and fully functioning iPhone 4s.

johnrschafer, · Reply

Just recieved my battery. Replaced it very fast. The instructions were perfect. Now the only thing is if the battery is good, but that's not an object to the guide.


tenev, · Reply

Both of the battery are made in China.The battery which assemble in the 4s is produced by amperex technology limited, the ifixit replace battery is produced by SONY electronic(wu xi)limited.

sjh835170, · Reply

Procedure was easy with two caveats:

1) I needed a small pair of needle-nosed pliers to remove and reinsert the pressure contact.

2) It took quite a bit of pressure to release the battery from its adhesive.

Photos at https://billstclair.com/iphone-4s-batter...

billstclair, · Reply

Everything went super simple. Before I shut down my phone I put it in airplane mode, after turning the phone back on I took it off airplane mode and everything was working perfect. I did not experience the network problem, this may be the trick.

DeFeo1987, · Reply

The Liberation Kit just stripped the screw. Now what.

nimpsy, · Reply

Had local iPhone repair shop remove the screw. Repair complete!


I left the battery in and everything above the middle, using a pen knife to flex the logic board, I had plenty of room to else the old out and the new in.

Worked well and saved a lot of time.

Keith M, · Reply

After reviewing the steps I decided to follow this guy's advice and left the battery in.....one less item to possibly foul up. I don't know if it made it any faster (first time to open my phone, so nothing to compare it to) but I can say that my phone is charging for the first time in 6 months :D



1) This is doable but not easy, quick or without risk.

2) If this is your 1st time, the whole process can take >2 hours (half of it reading this fixit manual and notes, which I highly recommend!)

3) I highly recommend placing a large, thin clean white cloth on the table. This prevents screws from rolling around and you will clearly see anything falling out.

4) If you have them, use tight surgical (latex) gloves. This prevents you from greasing up contacts.

5) Have e.g. a big old egg box ready, so you can place the screws in order (and maybe write step/screw size on the side).

6) I bought my display from "Generic" on Amazon ($20.36). Screen works fine and tools were ok but not great (screw drivers do not withstand force needed to unscrew some).

7) I had my own 2mm Phillips screw driver and a 2.4mm flat (for the big screws).

8) Have a nice cold beer by your side! Good luck!

superedu111, · Reply

how can i take out the screw if it is stripped

Manny Chaidez, · Reply

with a small driller, but I guess it is very difficult. Never attempted that myself on an iPhone.


There is no screw in Step 2?

Is the screw stripped or the head stripped?

I have used superglue on the screwdriver to remove a stripped screw, it would turn but not come out, with superglue I could turn and pull the screw out. May also work on a stripped head.


If you are careful, use a Dremel tool and a micro drill bit (sold where Dremel tools are purchased) to drill it out. Last resort kind of thing, good luck.

Jack, · Reply

On my phone at least, there is a small gold and black part held down under the top screw. It goes black side up with the pressure contact touching the back of the phone when the cover is in place. Keep an eye out for correct orientation as you dismantle.

James Molyneux, · Reply

I also had a small black and gold connector held down by the top screw on this step.

Kevin Keenan, · Reply

I was missing the lower screw in this step. Reinstalling the other screw was difficult. Screw either stripped or (I think) screwdriver 00 is not right for removing this/ifixit screwdriver sucks.

maxrobins, · Reply

While the text refers to the pressure contact, the pictures do not show it clearly. The closet one that does has the yellow circle covering much of it. I was not sure if it was under or on top of the cover when re-installing. It's under.

gregsrow, · Reply

This step needs a few more caveats.

The bottom screw on my phone was locked with some thread adhesive, and required more force to loosen it than I expected.

Even after removing the screws, the battery connector was rather firmly seated, and required a fair bit of persistent gentle prying with the opening tool before it came loose.

The ground clip came loose and nearly flew off while loosening the connector, so it would really help people if there were a warning on this step to watch out for the ground clip and make sure it doesn't bounce away.

threephi, · Reply

Despite putting a large amount of pressure on the screw I can't get the blades of the 00 to take. Has anyone tried with a 000 and does it work better?

abeardsa, · Reply

The 00 didn't work much for me but I had more success with a Phillips #0


I find the #00 doesn't work either. I use the #000 and it works better for me.


The battery connector is attached to the battery. You're not going to completely lift it out and remove it. It pulls out from the socket you can see in step 5 picture 3. The pressure contact (little black and gold thing) will probably just slide out from under the connector. Not a problem.

DMcG, · Reply

Which screwdriver works best then. I got the #00 philips from ifixit. I agree - it strips the screw and does not work. I don't recommend it.

I am now trying to buy another screwdriver - but which one. #0 or #000. Anyone done this. Please help!

andrepoon, · Reply

I lost the screws securing the battery connector to the logic board, what happens when I turn on my iphone without securing screws, as shown in step 4, please solution. thank you

Afriyadi, · Reply

The iFixit screwdriver that is recommended and provided will strip the screws here. HOLD OFF. I bought a ph000 screwdriver off the internet. Worked fine. Don't be tempted to proceed with the ph00 from iFixit. IT WILL STRIP!!

andrepoon, · Reply

I completed this repair without removing the battery. I think the guide should be edited to note that battery removal is not necessary.

M C, · Reply

I completed this successfully, but this step gave me the most trouble. The pressure contact is really difficult to reseat. So much so that it should probably be called out more clearly in it's own step.

Greg Fulco, · Reply

If your pressure contact pops out you might find the video at http://www.hightechdad.com/2013/05/07/ho... helpful

Martin Cleaver, · Reply

When reinstalling the position of pressure contact must be explained better! It took me about 5 min to understand how it fit!

Jorge, · Reply

If I did accidentally remove the pressure contact point from the logic board...what do I do?

Samuel Z, · Reply

I also did this. Not sure what its for? My phone appears to be fine now without it.

Ian Booth,

This picture needs to be greatly enlarged! The pressure plate sits directly underneath the battery connector, but cannot be seen here. It is also flat but about half the size of the battery connector, so you won't know you've ripped it up until you have! Picture two slices of bread but not the same size, stuck together.

S Byers, · Reply

What if you pop off that pressure contact point?? What is its function? Is it impossible to re-attach?

Ian Booth, · Reply

No idea what exactly this step means. I just pulled the battery connector without trying to move the pressure contact. Installed new battery, plugged in connector and aligned the pressure contact slightly for the screw to fit.

Got a big scare as the phone would not connect to the cell network at first boot, only WiFi. Shut it off and when it rebooted it seemed to work. WIll probably know in a day or so if everything works fine or if there are interference issues, etc.

andries, · Reply

I also accidentally removed the pressure contact. I put it back in place as best I could during reassembly and so far haven't ran into any problems.

Maynard Stevens, · Reply

The black & copper contact piece is missing from my iPhone. Does that explain why my phone won't restore and keeps re-booting? I have tried every kind of restore with no luck. Any ideas?

ozarkana, · Reply

After reassembling the iPhone I the GSM connection wasn't working. After cleaning all parts with isopropyl alcohol it still didn't work. What solved my problem was to turn on WiFi and then synchronizing the date and time which was set to 1970-01-01. After a reboot everything worked just fine. :)

Florian, · Reply

The black ground contact needs still more "flagging." This is a simple metal strip that is attached ONLY by the 1.5mm (upper) screw. It will help if you look at it before you remove the upper screw. Notice the gold contact arm and point. That contact point must be in a plane above every other surface inside the device when you replace the battery connector, because it makes a ground contact with the metallic inner surface of the device back plate.

When I replaced it, I used the Pentalobe driver to line up battery connector and ground contact with the screw socket post. I then attached the 1.7mm (lower) screw loosely, removed the Pentalobe driver gently, and inserted the 1.5mm (upper) screw into the assembly. There is a tab on the ground contact that helps it align properly once pressure begins to applied. I completed driving the upper screw, pressing lightly with the spudger on the battery connector plate to make sure it was seated on the pressure contacts. Finally, I completed driving the lower screw.

Matt McCaffrey, · Reply

This is a hard step because the directions and pictures are not very clear. This might help:

1) Here you HAVE TO disconnect the battery connecter (the language is confusing).

2) This is easier than it looks, as you can simply lift the connector upwards from any angle (I rested my plastic tool on the antenna and gently lifted it up).

The photo suggests you have to pull the connector backwards (which would be hard), this is not true, it can be lifted up towards you (the pins go out backwards and upwards, you'll see).

Finally, don't confuse the "pressure contact" with the "pressure contact point". You remove the contact, the contact point (underneath) sits on the board. No need to worry about this.

superedu111, · Reply

This can be very tricky because sometimes theres just too many glue on the back of the battery, and eventually the battery will be deformed.

Carlos Lopes, · Reply

Yes, there did seem to be a lot of glue holding my battery in. At first I was afraid of breaking it, but after reading up on the subject I've learned that it is okay if the battery gets a little deformed. Due to the nature of the battery it will still work if slightly deformed.

djlogic26, · Reply

I found the plastic pull tab to be useless. Peeled pretty much the whole battery out from the left side. Used a probe to "break" a few strands of glue to help. Just watch the connector and ribbon cable in the lower left corner as you pry up so you don't crimp them or damage them.

gregsrow, · Reply

DO NOT remove the battery unless absolutely necessary. If the battery is removed from the phone, DO NOT reuse it, ifixit does not seem to understand the importance of safely handling the battery

Tom Chai, · Reply

Tom you have never been so wrong. Removing the battery is the FIRST step ANYONE should do before repairing or attempting repairs on their phone. The iPhone has many different grounding points in the phone and having electrical current running to it poses a massive risk, especially with ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge). People, PLEASE make sure you remove your phone's battery FIRST before doing any repairs. Use a plastic, not metal, spudger, after unhooking the battery from the logic board, place the spudger along the right side of the battery NOT under the volume buttons, about an inch and a half lower (two roughly if a sim card is present) and start prying it up using the frame as the fulcrum, as you start to lift the battery from the adhesive make sure you slide the spudger farther under to get even contact so you do not damage the battery.

Prestige Computer Solutions,

Try a used plastic credit/gift card to apply gentle pressure to lift the battery out of the phone, the short edge of the card fits within the gap on the logic board side between the battery and video cables. You can also use it on the opposite side if there is room between the battery and iPhone frame. This has worked on all of the 4 and 4s models I've replaced screens on.

I offer an alternative image if interested.

Wallace Karraker, · Reply

Hello! My clients iphone 4s:n battery connector broke, when i tried accidentally take the battery out with a plastic tool from the wrong side.

Connector detached completely, so that the two middle ironcensors came with it and was stuck to the connector. When i screw the whole connector back to phone, it works with battery power, but the batterys downloading doesnt work. Are these two middle censors that are stuck in the connector exactly the ones that should be charging the battery? Do you know how i can fix this? I have already bought electrical conductor glue, but should the parts be cleaned somehow first? And how can i fix it, when the center metal sensors on the system board is also attached to the battery?

How can i clean out thiskind of part with windex? I have purchased almost all of the possible tools from iFixit and the electrical conductor glue i bought somewhere else. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/300915727408?ssP...)

SebastianK, · Reply

Removing the battery wasn't necessary. I attempted the removal but decided not to in the end. It didn't get in the way at all.

BigFatCat, · Reply

i also skipped the battery removal step. the battery didn't get in the way, but it did make it difficult to see if the wifi grounding fingers (step 14) were underneath the case lip. everything worked in the end though so i don't think removing the battery is a strict requirement.

rippergirl, · Reply

How can you not remove the battery in a battery replacement fix? Step 14, there are only 7 steps. Me thinks these comments are getting mixed up between different fixes!


I did not remove the battery to do a Speaker replacement and had no issues with getting the Speaker out/in. So, steps 4 and 5 are required but not step 6.

rcrodriguez2, · Reply

The plastic tab is not attached to the battery. I just pried from the right and slid tools under until I broke all the adhesive.

DMcG, · Reply

I found it easier to start by pulling the plastic lip to loosen the battery, then, if needed, use the plastic tool to pry from the side.

superedu111, · Reply

Be VERY careful NOT to pull off the part of the connector that is on the logic board! Mine now has only contact but no solder until I can get a small enough soldering iron and a less shaky pair of hands!

Rob Hendricks, · Reply

I lost the 1.5mm and 1.7mm screws when replacing my 4s battery. Is there a place that sells just these two screws? I bought a 4s screw kit from Zeeton.com but figuring out which screw out the of 39 screws were the the 1.5mm and 1.7mm was impossible.

admin, · Reply

Buy a cheap pair of digital callipers ($20 -$30) and it will be clear. You can then use them to measure all kinds of things instead of squinting with a ruler.


I bent the wire of the silent button on right top of the battery. Now the silent botton don't work. The wire on the bent is half-cut. BE CAREFUL when you put the new battery inside!

orzo, · Reply

Was having a hard time getting the screws back into the battery connector. Read another tip online that helped - pushed the end of my phillips screwdriver into some soft candle wax which gave it just enough stickyness to have the screw stay attached to the screwdriver while I was moving it toward the hole. Thought I'd pass that along.

bill, · Reply

I did as wazzamagu did (and stated above), "My Pentalobe tool was slightly magnetized so I used that to bring the screws in for tightening with the Philips screwdriver." That made replacing the screws fairly easy. Thanks for all the advice on this page. It was not hard at all. Go slow and carefully, everything is smaller in there than I expected. The "searching" thing came up as it seems for most people, but just took a reboot and all is fine.

amorteguy, · Reply


I had the same issue with "searching network". After resetting the network settings in settings it did work perfectly!

Klemt, · Reply

Instructions were good and everything works fine after replacement. Needed to use a tweezer on the pressure contact on the top screw of the battery. Thanks

jeff, · Reply

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