Short circuit? REALLY need help!


Hello everyone,

I've been trying to put a new screen on my iPhone 4, but during the process something terrible happend. My iPhone wouldnt start anymore so I removed my battery. I noticed an screw underneath my battery..

Did my iPhone short circuit? Cause it won't fireup anymore:S

Is there any else I can do? I tried the battery of my girlfriends iphone, but that didnt work either!

Please help!


I inserted my battery charger and I hear the sound of charging.. whats wrong?:P

Could it be my LCD screen?

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It sounds like it still starts up, but the backlight coil and/or IC is shorted, this usually happens if you do not turn the phone off or do not disconnect the battery

I would look into that possibility by turning it on and checking the screen for a image with a flashlight, keep in mind soldering the IC is a PITA, but the coil is a little easier if you use a heatgun

here is a guide to remove the logicboard to check these chips for visual damage, but remember, they can look fine and still be shorted out, so look with a critical eye, but if they have charring, look into how deep into the chip it is, if it looks to not be so in there, you are probably fine and can replace that IC alone if you can find it, if it's much deeper, remove them and check the condition of the board

It may also be a good idea to check the traces on the board too, those could be the issue too

As to the shields, note where they go when replacing them

iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

Here is the coil and IC, providing these are at fault


If the coil and IC do not work, try a new screen assembly, and if that does not work, something else shorted in the phone too, and will need better info to help

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Thanks, so basically try my old screen assembly? :)


Mother of god. This was my first iPhone assembly/reassembly. So I kinda cried when you were talking about soldering. Luckly, the phone works! With old screen though.. what could have happend? The new LCD short circuited? Cause why didnt the backlight work? When I powered on I saw no lighting at all.. Or maybe the LCD was delivered with flaws. Thanks Nick


Yeah, sounds like it was DOA or shorted, it's really a tough call as to which happened


try contacting the company you bought the screen from..if there is no evidence of damage to the flex cable or pins then maybe you have received a dud screen. A lot of companies are now testing all screens before shipping as people tend to crimp or damage the flex in installation and then claim a damaged screen was sent out. You need to check the returns policy and fine print..


I sent an e-mail to the guy and he told me he tested them before they ship. I said I didn't know what happend, but I haven't seen it turn on and after replacing my old one it did work. I said I'm not stating its damaged, but possibly could be damaged. He said it's okay, since I ordered there a few parts before. He sent me a new screen and I've to send the old one back. Clearly got lucky there. Thanks for the help guys.







Try a reset, press the top and and home button at the same time, if that doesnt work then disconect tand connect the lcd.

If non of those help, it could be a deffective or damaged lcd, test new screen before putting it back together.

If your phone is off, dont worry about it because it can still be fixed

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