Will not boot up properly


My Compaq mini 110 wont boot up it continuously says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

i have no clue how to fix it plz help

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Dylan, I would start off with the BIOS. The 110 has a setup utility that

"reports information about the device and provides settings for startup, security, and other preferences.To start the Setup Utility:

 "Open the Setup Utility by turning on or restarting the device, and then pressing f10 while the “F10

= BIOS Setup Options” message is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen." once in the menu, go to option 2. Select the Main menu. System information such as the system time and date, and identification about the device is displayed. See if your hard drive shows up. You can also go to the diagnostics menu and run the hard disk self test. To exit the Setup Utility without changing any settings, use the arrow keys to select Exit > Exit.

Should your Hard disk not show up in your setup utility, it is most likely that you have a malfunctioning drive. The problem with this will be that your restore partitions are on the same drive, thus replacing the drive will leave you without an Operating system. Should your computer setup utility show your hard drive and the diagnostic test confirms this, you could try and restore your OS. Your computer should have come with Operating System and Driver Recovery discs. You can use the discs to recover your operating system and programs installed at the factory.

Anyhow, this and other information is available in the Maintenance and Service guide for your computer. Download it from here.

Furthermore, you could try and boot from a bootable USB drive. I'd try a Linux version like Puppy Linux on a USB drive. See what information is accessible on your Hard drive, if any. Hope this helps to at least get you started.

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One of 2 things

no OS

dead HDD

This laptop/netbook(they are the same thing to me really) have a recovery partition, press ESC and select "system recovery", and try this

If that is no help, replace the HDD in it, and get a copy of windows 7 home premium 32 bit, you need it, the key is for starter, not home premium

here is a drive(I picked a 160GB, there are other sizes on this drive too)


here is windows 7 home premium


Ubuntu Linux is also good for netbooks


you also need a external DVD drive


trust me, you don't need the support,if you do, pay per incident(i tell people to buy the builder's when they get rid of XP or Vista)

Here is the HDD guide if it's the HDD at fault

Disassembling Compaq Mini 110 Hard Drive

If that fails, there are some resets and little tips I find work at times with HP laptops

Remove the battery and press the power button on the unit to drain excess power from the netbook, and this may solve it, but this is not necessary most likely, i am including this in case

All else fails, motherboard is going bad, I found a cheap working one


note you will need to reload windows after a motherboard swap, the OS "marries" the motherboard, and the key is no good after

If you cannot find a motherboard cheaper then this, buy it, otherwise this thing may just be worth a visit to eBay for parts, just pull the HDD

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david chase




In this case it would be best to perform a system restore.

There are two ways to perform system restore:

Open start menu click run and then type cmd to open command prompt.

Type CD.. to make c:\ only.

Type CD windows then CD System32 and then restore.

After once you find yourself in c:\ windows\system32\restore>

Then type restrui.exe press enter.

Once the system restore window open then click next to select any available restore point.

This process shall take couple of minutes to perform restore and please make sure that once this process started it wont be reversible and neither you will lose any personal data.

Other way to perform system restore is to open safe mode by clicking F8 on start-up and check safe mode option then further a dialogue box will open to ask for system restore and then follow the above steps. Thanks



Glenn Willis



cant get out of sa Fe mode

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