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Blank white display, works intermittently


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How it happened :

It fell on its face from a height of 3 - 4 feet when I accidentally yanked a cable that led to this fall :'(

Issue: I can't get the iPod to work without squeezing it, it used to work initially without a squeeze & for longer & now, the display pixelates as soon as I am able to unlock the ipod.

The Ipod's display & touch works when the device is squeezed in a particular way.

Question: (yeah, Finally!)

I have ordered the plastic opening tools & I suppose that the digitizer has gone a little out of place, once I have reseated it, how do I glue the same frame back?

as the screen nor the display has developed any cracks.

I read it here in the teardown that the hinges on this & 3rd gen touches are in the frame itself, I am not able to find that link, supposedly that is the answer to my question.

I will also post again once the tools reach me in India, to tell you peepz on how it went.

Thanks for reading a not so short post :)

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Product Image

Plastic Opening Tools

Soft tip prying tools for DIY electronics repair. Use to open your iPod, iPhone, or any other sensitive mobile electronic devices. The soft plastic won't scratch your device, but the strong tip will easily pry it open. It's the essential tool for opening — 50+ available at 2.95 each.

I think This answers my questions. Thanks iFixit :) Please archive this question already ^^

Umang J Shah,

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