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Sony A200 SD card slot reader pin bend



I have a sony a200 dslr camera, when I tried to insert the sd card in the sd slot of the camera, one of the pin got bent and I can see it so that the sd card reader is not working right now. How can I fix it?


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David Hodson


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If you can see the bent pin you might try a mechanical pencil with no lead in it to use as a prying tool to bend it back into shape. That may or may not work; I've never tried it myself.

You may also replace the card reader if you are fairly familiar with taking apart electronics. There is someone on Ebay selling the card reader for a Sony A200. Cameras are extremely sensitive devices, though, so I would highly recommend taking out the battery first (as with all electronics repairs) and using an anti-static mat or wrist band and ESD safe screwdrivers.

Be sure to take lots of pictures if you decide to repair the camera so that you can create a repair guide!

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Thank you David, I will try that, I really appreciate your help. Thanks,

Shashin Manandhar,

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