Wi-Fi antenna. Signal problems.


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Two months ago I started to notice that mi iPhone 4 doesn't recognize all wi-fi networks available in one area. I asked a friend to bring his iPod touch once, and inside a shopping, his ipod showed 6 wi fi networks (my iphone none). My home wi fi network appears only when I'm ridiculously close to the modem.

I'm strarting to get really annoyed, I called MacStation Argentina (kind of a official distribuitor here) and they told me that even if my international warranty hasn't expired, they provide technical service for all products except (guess....) iPhones.

I tried restoring it from iTunes, restoring network setting (or something like that), and I am still having the same problems.

("Ask to join networks" is on...)

I'm qute handy, and I think I can repair it on my own (if I know WHAT to do). Some guy in an unofficial center for these kind of repairments, told me it would cost me 170 dolars. Its absurd...

I found an answer, something about Clem 1 and 2, but the link is broken...

I appreciate ANY help, thanks a lot,


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It sounds like the problem might be hardware and not software since a restore did not fix the issue. Perhaps your WiFi antenna is unplugged or defective. I agree $170 sounds absurd, I search around and it seems this is the part you might need to replace http://iphone4parts.com/shop/iphone-data... And it looks like this company ships to Argentina.

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OK, I've just sent them an email asking how much would the shipping to argentina cost. I'd like to know here, on ifixit, where do I have to look, to replace the part myself... Thanks!


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