New and Old Battery Not Charging


My ipod video battery life was down to 20-30 minutes, so I bought a replacement battery. After installing the new battery and charging for 8 hours or so, I turned on the ipod and it worked fine. Then I unplugged the ipod from the charger and it immediately lost power. It didn't hold any charge.

I then put the old battery back in, figuring the problem was with the new battery, but now the same thing is happening. The old battery that used to last 20-30 minutes on a full charge now works fine when plugged into a charger but then immediately loses power when unplugged.

Any thoughts on why this is?

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My first guess here would be a bad battery. But I do know that the iPods do have issues with the charging circuitry. You could try to use a multimeter at the connector for the battery to see if you have any voltage. That might give you the answer you need to determine what to do next. Give it a try and let us know how it went. Good luck

I feel like it can't be the battery since my original battery (that isn't fully dead) doesn't work either. I don't have the tool you mentioned. Is there a "poor man's" way of checking for voltage?


The only other way I can think off is to really charge the new battery for a while on a wall charger and not the computer USB port. See if that makes a difference. Just wondering why you changed the original battery since you said it is not fully dead? Did you experience any trouble related to battery/charge issue before you changed the battery?


Granted, there is also the possibility that you new battery is not charging but I have had more issues with the iPod charging circuitry than bad batteries.


Tim, the more I hear the more I am convinced that you have issues with the charging circuit on your Ipod. I suppose I could ask you to make sure that you have changed the USB cord to a different one etc. But I am almost certain that you are looking toward a motherboard replacement. Just let us know how it works out.


Oh, man. That sucks. Probably not worth spending $70 on. Any idea why the charging circuit would stop working when all the other ipod functions work perfectly if it's plugged in?


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