Error 4005 Wont boot up but shows up in Itunes (DFU)


My Wife's iPhone 4 up and quit a few weeks ago. No signs of life on the charger or in iTunes. The dock connector was pretty corroded so I replaced that and the battery with no results. If I put it in DFU mode , it will show up in iTunes but gives me an error 4005 when trying to restore. I metered the charging fuses on the logic board and they seem OK. I'm guessing that would leave the charging IC ? Or am I looking at something else on the Logic Board as the cause?

Brian, are you using (or have you used) iCloud backup on this phone?


Yes it was running iOS 7 with iCloud activated.

Brian ,

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Brian, I am not yet convinced that this is a hardware error. This could be caused by your iPhone iCloud back up settings being turned on. It would be great if you could try with your iCloud back up turned off. You could also try this:

If iTunes is open, exit iTunes

Disconnect iPhone from computer USB

Click Start menu on desktop

Go to Control Panel

Go to Programs

Go to Programs and Features

Select Apple Mobile Device Support and click repair

Connect iPhone to computer USB (device should install automatically)

Open iTunes

When prompted, click restore iPhone

OS should install now and restore factory settings

and see if it works. From here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Tried this and it didn't work. iTunes just hangs on "waiting for iPhone" after trying to restore it. Came up with error 4005 again. When it died my wife said it was working fine one minute. Then when she took it out of her purse 10 minutes later it was dead as a door nail. When going into DFU mode does the iPhone use it's internal battery or rely on USB power?

Brian ,

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