My Phone Keeps turning off and then turning itself back on?


when i turn on my phone and it does its power up, i wait for my service to come on. before the service gets turned on the phone restarts itself everytime. it continues to do this over and over and over until it runs out of battery. i tried hooking it up to the chargers, and i tried hooking it up to the computer. it continues to do the same thing. i tried to restart the phone manually but this still hasnt fixed the problem. Do i need to buy a new phone?

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I have that very same problem: my phone doesn't power reset while in Fastboot mode, but I have tried 10 or so different ROMs without success... I have been careful about wiping internal memory before and after each flash, with no success... what would be the next thing to troubleshoot?

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Motorla phones can do this with they have a problem with their boot loader or software files.

It should be possible to load into FastBoot mode to re-flash the phone's ROM and hopefully resolve the issue.

This is however a fairly in-depth process, before getting in to it, make sure the phone will actually boot and run in FastBoot. To do this, turn the phone off, then hold the Vol+, Vol- and power buttons all at the same time until a white screen appears, then release. This is FastBoot, if the phone doesn't power reset here then i would suggest a ROM, for this I direct you to a guide already made, Motorola Droid RAZR FastBoot

I hope this works for you, i've used this method on other motorola phones such as the Atrix2 and the Bionic.

If nothing else, it's easier to try this than to replace the phone.

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