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Two people sit at a table leaning over a laptop repair

Laptop Battery Sale

Good news for full power!

After two years, lithium-ion batteries in laptops start to show their age. Instead of buying a new model, you can give your laptop new life with a battery swap. It’s easier than you might think! The step-by-step instructions on explain how to do it. Together we can fix any thing!

From August 1st to September 25th, the iFixit store is offering a 20% discount on laptop batteries, with covered brands rotating every two weeks. Mark the dates in your calendar now!

Limited time only! 20% off Laptop Batteries!

01/08 to 14/08

Get 20% off your new Lenovo laptop battery!

15/08 to 28/08

Get 20% off your new HP laptop battery!

29/08 to 11/09

Get 20% off your new Dell laptop battery!

12/09 to 25/09

Get 20% off your new Apple laptop battery!

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