iPhone Cake!

April 28, 2009 Events — Miro

Recently two of our team members had birthdays just days apart from one another. We’re not sure how this happened, since last year their birthdays were about four months apart. However, we go by the honor system around here, so who are we to argue? (This has been Dave’s third birthday this year, so we think we know who the culprit is.)

Both Dave and Chris are avid iPhone users, and a staff member’s wife decided to do something super-special for this rare occasion. To fully honor their birthdays, she made a cake that looked like an iPhone! It was a sight to behold, and the highlight of the party. No detail was spared: she expertly drew a frosting battery indicator, Home button, clock, and a green chat box. The only grossly incorrect part of the cake was the number of signal bars. iPhone users were lucky to get a bar, let alone the four bars drawn on the cake, in the particular location where the party was held. But that’s ok, the cake was drawn correctly at its originating location (although some of the staffers felt that the bars should have been erased once the cake arrived to the party). Oh well, perhaps next year — or in a couple of months, when Dave decides it’s his birthday again.

We’re hoping Apple does not own a patent on iPhone cakes. Apple, please don’t sue us, we don’t sell iPhone cakes.

Care to share your Apple-related cake stories? Know for a fact that Apple owns a patent on iPhone cakes? Leave a comment and tell us so we can pull this photo!

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