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March 23, 2009 Events — Miro

We don’t usually write about local news, but we recently hosted such a fun event that we had to share our experience.

iFixit is proudly based in the Central Coast of California — about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. We’re located here not just because the geography is amazing, but also because of the vibrant (and fun) local business and technology community. One event that we really enjoy attending is the San Luis Obispo Tech Brew, an informal monthly meeting of locals at Mother’s Tavern.

This month we hosted the Tech Brew meeting. We asked everyone to dig their old iPods out of their hiding places in drawers and closet shelves, with the intent of giving them a new life by replacing the battery. We brought a bunch of free iPod batteries and laptops for viewing our online repair guides.

The repair session was a smashing success! Six people successfully repaired their iPods: three iPod Minis, a 3rd Generation, a 4th Generation, and a Photo. The most enthusiastic person at the event was a daughter of one of attendees, who brought her iPod Photo. The iPod had been completely comatose for over a year, and had been stashed in the back of her dresser drawer. We told her that it was easy to repair, but that she’d have to fix it herself. She didn’t hesitate for a moment; she grabbed some iPod opening tools and immediately started cracking open her iPod. Luke helped by pulling up the instructions and pointing out the tricky parts.

Eight-year-old showing off her awesome iPod disassembly skills

Eight-year-old showing off her awesome iPod disassembly skills.

Success! An empowered young lady showing off the iPod she resurrected.

Success! An empowered young lady showing off the iPod she resurrected.

Swapping the battery in these Minis only took these iPod novices about 20 minutes.

Swapping Mini batteries took these novices 20 minutes.

 Kyle talking to Kenny, another local entrepreneur.

Kyle talks to Kenny, another local entrepreneur.


  1. This looked like such a fun event, it made me wish I was back on the Central Coast again! I’m an Apple fangirl who grew up in Santa Maria, but moved to San Francisco way back when to get my tech legs so to speak. Little did I know I could’ve learned in my own backyard! I’ve got a silver 6GB Mini I’ve been dying to disassemble, but it’s still working like a champ. Thanks so much for giving us latent tinkerers like myself things to dream about :)

    Comment by Patricia — April 3, 2009 @ 6:27 pm

  2. Awesome event – keep up the good work fellas! Just bought a replacement battery from you for my 3G iPod myself.

    Comment by Adam M — April 4, 2009 @ 8:56 am


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