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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Device won't turn on ¶ 

"Your mopping device does not move and lights will not turn on"

Battery not charged ¶ 

Plug in device and wait for battery to fully charge before attempting to use. This problem could also be due to a faulty AC adapter. If the light on the AC adapter does not turn on, check the current of AC adapter with a voltmeter. In order to do this, plug the adapter into a power source, turn the voltmeter on, attach the red terminal of the voltmeter to the pin inside the plug of the ac adapter, attach the black terminal of the voltmeter to a ground (any piece of metal), and check for a current. If the voltmeter reads a current, the ac adapter is functional. If not, replace the ac adapter. For additional information on using volt meters, watch the following video: Ivoltmeter.

Battery no longer holds a charge ¶ 

Replace battery ([http://our guide|see guide])

Battery not connected properly ¶ 

The battery may not be properly connected. Remove the bottom battery panel with a flat-head screwdriver and ensure that the wires are firmly plugged in.

Faulty power button ¶ 

The power button may be broken or have some kind of obstruction below the surface of the panel. In order to replace the button or to remove the obstruction follow [http://our guide|this guide].

Device won't move at all ¶ 

"Your iRobot Braava 380t turns on but will not move"

Worn wheel tread ¶ 

If your iRobot Braava 380t does not move at all, a possible reason is that the wheel tread has worn off. You can replace the wheel tread following [http://our|these instructions.]

Wheel suspension ¶ 

If from the side view, you cannot see the wheels of the iRobot, the suspension spring may have failed. If so your iRobot will have trouble moving. To fix this problem follow this guide.

Broken wheel ¶ 

If your mopping machine will not move it might be because your wheels are broken. Replacing the wheels is a simple procedure. Follow the steps in [http://Broken wheel guide|this guide.]

Faulty wheel motor assembly ¶ 

The immobility of your device might also be due to a faulty wheel motor. This part can be found online and replaced fairly simply. Follow the steps in [http://wheel motor assembly guide|this guide.]

Device won’t move normally ¶ 

Your iRobot moves in an irregular pattern; going in circles, not turning

Faulty Wheel Motor ¶ 

If the device isn’t turning or is moving in circles, one wheel motor could be burned out. (see wheel motor replacement guide)

Wheels jammed ¶ 

The wheel axles could be jammed with hair or other debris from normal operation. If so, remove debri with tweezers or other tools. If you are still unable to remove the debris, remove wheels to completely clean the wheel-axles assembly (see wheel replacement guide).

Mop-head improperly attached ¶ 

Ensure that the mopping cloth is firmly attached to the cleaning pad and that the cloth is not tangled. Disconnect and reattach the cleaning pad to the iRobot to ensure proper connection.

Navigation cube ¶ 

Irregular movement may be caused by a malfunctioning navigation cube or if the signal is interrupted. Make sure that no obstructions are in the line of sight of the navigation cube. If there are no obstructions then you may need to replace the navigation cube.

Device making songs ¶ 

"Your iRobot is chirping a short song"

Error Codes ¶ 

Your Braava 380t makes short chirping melodies to let you know of a problem. The tune lets you know what problem you have. Refer to this website ( from iRobot to cross reference the song with your problem


Unable to open page with error codes 380t model. Charging light stas red it starts then stops tried charger as well as plugging right into the irobot.

marysue lewis - Reply

Mine is doing the same the red light stays on won’t charge did you find out how to fix this problem?

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