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It's a very bad idea to start a repair business without knowing how to repair things. So where do you start?

Find Something to Fix

Your Network

All you need to begin your repair business journey are friends, family, neighbors—anyone you know well will work just fine. Offer to fix their broken devices for the price of the replacement part. Sure, you won't make money on these first repairs. But, the investment in your skill set will be invaluable. Why start with your core personal network?

  1. Access to more devices than you personally own.
  2. Pressure to perform perfectly won't be as great as if you have a nascent business.
  3. Friends and family will be more forgiving when you screw up (but be sure to make it right when you do screw up).

Brick Devices

Some devices are beyond repair. Consider buying one of these "brick" devices at a significantly reduced price. Use this device for a teardown. Sure, you won't have the satisfaction of making the device power-up when you've put it back together. But, you'll have a low-cost, risk-free opportunity to explore a device. Hands-on experience is infinitely more valuable than theoretical knowledge. It's definitely worth the investment to make a device useful in the afterlife.

Use iFixit

If you're new to iFixit, check out our repair guides and work step by step through your first repair.

Not sure what repair is needed?

  1. Use iFixit Troubleshooting Pages for common diagnostic guidance.
  2. Use community-based Answers to solve your burning question.
  3. Before you ask that question, take a look at our Answers Archive to cut out the wait.

Need parts or tools?

Now that you've solved the problem, it's time to fix it. Be sure to always use the correct parts and tools. Lucky for you, iFixit keeps most needed parts in stock—and more tools than you knew existed.

Grow a Business

Now that you have accomplished your first repairs, grow the repair business you've always wanted.

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is “screwing up” a pun? like screws……… and you most of the time need screws to fix something?…..

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