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Xbox One Wireless Controller (Model 1697) Troubleshooting

Xbox One Controller Fails to Connect ¶ 

My controller won’t connect or sync to my console.

Low Batteries ¶ 

If the batteries are weak, the control may not connect. Try charging or replacing them by removing the batteries from the back of the controller and putting in new batteries, or wait for your batteries to charge.

Defective charging cable ¶ 

If you are charging your controller with a charging cable, be sure that it is plugged into the console and connected to the controller. The connection ports can be found on the side of the console and top of the controller.

Position and Interference ¶ 

Make sure you are within the controller’s signal range (19 feet). Wireless devices and metallic objects can interfere with the controller’s connection, move any objects that may be affecting the connection.

Controller is not synced ¶ 

If you sync your controller to another device you need to re-sync to your console before it will connect. Sync your controller by holding the Xbox button in the middle of the controller. The Xbox button will blink and connect to the console.

Many controllers connected ¶ 

Remember that the Xbox One console allows 8 controllers, at most, connected at the same time. Check that you’re not connecting more.

Controller doesn't maintain connection to your console ¶ 

My controller wont stayed connected.

Low Batteries ¶ 

If the batteries are low the controller might turn on but you may experience partial functionality. Try charging or replacing them.

Inactivity ¶ 

Remember that if the controller is inactive for 15 minutes it will automatically turn off. To turn the controller back on simply hold the Xbox button until it lights up.

Controller is not calibrated ¶ 

My controller wont sync or stay synced to the console.

Low Batteries ¶ 

You will not be able to calibrate your controller if the batteries are low. Charge your batteries or replace them to have full controller function.

Poor Connection Between Controller and Console ¶ 

Make sure that your controller is fully connected and not being interfered with so that you may begin calibrating. Your controller may be disconnected because it is past the 19 foot range or it is being interfered with by metallic objects or other wireless devices.

Controller is not Synced ¶ 

Sync your controller by holding the Xbox button in the middle of the controller. If the Xbox button blinks you will need to hold the small circular button on the top of the controller and the rectangular button on the left side of your console to sync and calibrate your controller.

Xbox One Controller won't vibrate ¶ 

I’m having trouble with getting my controller to vibrate.

Low batteries ¶ 

Replace or charge your batteries. The controller wont vibrate due to the lack of power.

Defective Rumble Motors ¶ 

The rumble motors that are located within the controller have stopped working, you will need to replace them with new ones or fix them. Unscrewing the controller will show you that the motors are cylindrical and located at the tips on the bottom of the controller. You will need to follow the Rumble Motor replacement guide.


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