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Tt Esports Poseidon Z RGB KB-PZR-KLBRUS-06 Troubleshooting

Double Typing ¶ 

Some keys propose multiple times when you click on them when typing.

Check to see if it is just dirty ¶ 

There may just be dust or dirt in between the keys. Unplug the keyboard and use this guide to pop off the keys. Then spray compressed air on the keys to get rid of any dust or dirt and put the keys back and see if the problem is fixed.

Adjust repeat speed ¶ 

The problem might just be with your computer settings. Go to your control panel. Select keyboard and use the slider to adjust the repeat delay.

Alternative Solutions ¶ 

Try to reinstall the drivers using this guide or, if the problem still occurs try contacting Tt Esports for a replacement.

LED Lights Malfunctioning ¶ 

The LED lights will not light up.

Make sure keyboard is getting power ¶ 

Unplug and plug the keyboard back into the USB port on your computer or laptop. Then make sure the keyboard's USB is firmly plugged in. If the keyboard still doesn't work check for any rips on the cord incase there is a shortage.

Check to see if the firmware is up to date ¶ 

The problem might be with the firmware. Check this guide to find out how to update it.

Unresponsive Keys ¶ 

Some of the keys do not show up when you are typing.

Keyboard Connection ¶ 

Sometimes the keyboard becomes unresponsive when you use a connecting cable to plug your keyboard into your PC. If you use a connecting cable, try removing the connecting cable, and plugging your keyboard directly into your PC.

The keyboard May Need a Software Update ¶ 

When a new update for the for the keyboard's software is released, the older version of the software may begin to malfunction. To see if this is what's causing some of the keys to be unresponsive, simply check to for a software update.

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