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Toshiba Satellite P855-S5312 Troubleshooting

Released June 2012, identified by model number S5312

Computer is overheating becoming to hot

If the laptop is being exposed to direct heat try placing on a cool-flat surface with external fan blowing on the computer. If overheating proceeds follow troubleshooting below.

If you can not hear or feel a small vibration coming from the right corner (by the power button) of the computer then the fan is not operating, or if loud clicking noise occurs often the fan needs to be replaced.

Disk drive is not reading CD's or DVD's when inserted into the optical disc drive, they will not play.

If the first or second CD or DVD does not play when inserted in the disc drive then the optical disc drive needs to be replaced.

If the inserted disk is not reading properly and does not sound like it is running then there is a problem with the disk drive.

If you go to start> mycomputer>hard drive section> H-drive, and there is nothing that is label H-Drive then the entire CD drive is not working.

Having trouble seeing any parts of the screen

If there is spotty, black display, or lines on the screen and no problem with the computer turning on then the screen is broken and needs to be replaced.

If the screen glass is shattered follow replacement guide.

Keyboard not typing correctly

If the entire keyboard fails to respond, or when certain keys are not typing completely then try replacing it with this guide.

When keys can't be pressed, there may be something below the physical key holding it up.

Right and left side of the computer having trouble opening or closing.

If the right or left side of the hinge is voluntarily opening most likely indicates a loose hinge.

If the screen is falling while in use due to a worn out hinge, the hinge will need replacing.

Most of the time when any side of the keyboard is rising up on the corners of the laptop it either means part of the hinge is broken or the screws have come lose on the hinge.


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