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Toshiba Satellite P55W - C5316 Troubleshooting

Toshiba Satellite model number P55W - C5316-4K with a 15.6" screen, an Intel i7 processor, and 12GB of RAM. released in 2016.

The laptop is not turning on when you press the power button.

Make sure that you plug in the laptop so it can charge. Make sure that the indicator light turns on when you plug in the charging cord. If the indicator light does not come on, you may have a faulty charging cord.

If the laptop only turns on when it is plugged in, or if the laptop only turns on for a short amount of time, then the battery is not working properly and needs to be replaced. Go here to see our battery replacement guide.

If the computer turns on but does not properly boot into the Operating System and immediately turns off again, the Operating System may be corrupted or the hard drive may be broken. If you believe the hard drive is broken follow our guide here on how to replace it.

The trackpad on the laptop is not registering inputs properly.

If the trackpad will not depress to click, then there might be dirt underneath the trackpad. The trackpad will need to be taken off and the underneath must be cleaned out.

If the trackpad is not correctly registering mouse movements, then the trackpad hardware or its driver is faulty. Reinstall the latest version of the Synaptics TouchPad Driver to resolve this issue.

The keyboard is not typing properly.

If there are keys on the keyboard that will not press, then there might be dirt underneath the key. Check out our guide "here" to see how to remove the keyboard and the keys.

If there are keys that can be pressed down but not registering as an input, then the key may be dirty or your Operating System may be configured improperly.

The speakers are not working properly.

If there is no sound coming out of your speakers, make sure that the laptop's volume is turned on and the application you are running has audio. Also, make sure to disconnect any external speakers. If this does not resolve the problem, you may have an outdated audio driver.

If the laptop's speakers are crackly or there is no sound, then the driver might be outdated. Reinstall the Realtek Audio Driver to fix this issue.

The Wi-Fi has problems connecting or is very weak.

The network itself may be the issue with your Wi-Fi. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the network to resolve this problem. If this does not solve the problem, try moving closer to the Wi-Fi router for a better connection.

Make sure that your laptop's Wi-Fi is turned on and connected to a network. Also, make sure that you select the network that you would like to connect to.

Sometimes, the laptop will need to restart to reconnect to the network. Restart the laptop and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi card may not be working properly or damaged. You will need to replace the Wi-Fi card inside the laptop to resolve this issue


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