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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Toshiba Satellite P50W-C Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Toshiba Satellite P50W-C.

Trouble removing device back cover ¶ 

Removing the back cover of the device is an essential step in the repairing process. On this particular device removing the back cover can be a difficult task, so we included the steps on removing the back cover in each of our guides.

Loud Fan ¶ 

You experience loud whirling noises when the device is powered on.

Dirty Fan ¶ 

The fan may be dirty, consider taking out the fan and cleaning it and putting it back in.

Faulty Fan ¶ 

The fan may be damaged. Consult our guide on how to replace the fan.

Device won't power on ¶ 

The device is not responsive and does not power on.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

Plug in the adapter and make sure the light comes on. If it doesn't, the adapter may be damaged, consider buying a new adapter. If the problem continues it may be an issue with the battery.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

Plug in your device to a wall outlet using the adapter. If there is an issue with the battery, when you unplug the adapter you should see the device is not receiving power. The battery may be faulty. Consult our guide on how to replace the battery.

Disconnected Hard Drive ¶ 

If the battery is not damaged and you still experience problems with the device not powering on, the hard drive may be disconnected. Check the connection of the hard drive. If your hard drive is connected and your problem persists, you may need to install a new hard drive. Consult our guide.

Device Freezes ¶ 

Device is unresponsive while powered on.

Overheating ¶ 

The fan may not be able to keep up with the heat produced from the laptop, try changing the fan with this guide.

Not Enough Memory ¶ 

If you have RAM issues, programs might not install correctly which may cause your device to freeze. Replace the RAM using our guide.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

If your device still freezes, a rare problem could be a faulty motherboard. Consult our guide on how to replace it.

Device cannot connect to Wi-Fi ¶ 

Device is unable to access internet.

Over-tasked Router ¶ 

Routers if left on for prolonged periods of time, can slow down due to a buildup of tasks. If you experience Wi-Fi issues consider restarting your router first by unplugging the router from the power source and re-plugging it back in .

Device's WI-Fi module cannot connect to Wi-Fi ¶ 

If you restart your router and still experience issues connecting to Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi module in your device may be faulty. Consult our guide on how to fix it.

Faulty Memory ¶ 

You experience error messages about memory.

Corrupt Files ¶ 

You may have faulty RAM, consult our guide on how to replace it.


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