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Toshiba Satellite C55Dt-A5306 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page is for the Toshiba Satellite C55-Dt A5306 laptop

Your keyboard is not responding or the keys are sticking.

If you are unable to press certain keys, there may be some debris underneath the keys preventing you from doing so. Make sure keyboard is clean and there are no crumbs of food and/or an accumulation of dust in between keys.

If the majority/all of the keyboard is failing to respond, it will need to be replaced.

Your computer will not read any CD's or DVD's.

If CD/DVD drive no longer appears in list of drivers in “My Computer”, driver may be corrupt. Follow the resolution provided in the Toshiba support page.

If the optical drive is still inaccessible to Windows applications after attempting to reinstall the driver or the optical drive does not open, your Toshiba Satellite C55Dt-A5306 optical drive may be broken and needs to be replaced.

The laptop powers down upon disconnecting the charger.

If the laptop only powers up when the adapter is plugged in but turns off upon disconnection, regardless of charging time, the battery may be faulty.  Turn off the device, remove the battery, and clean the metal contacts located on the battery as well as its housing.  After cleaning the contacts reconnect the device and allow it to charge overnight.  If the problem persists you will need to replace the battery.

Indicator light is not turning on after plugging in charger.

Make sure that the output value on the AC adapter matches the input requirement (DC19V) specified on the bottom of the laptop.  Check the AC adapter and its cords to see if either are visibly damaged.  If the given requirements are met but no indicator light turns on you may have a faulty AC adapter or DC power jack.  If possible, test the AC adapter on a different Toshiba device to confirm that you are not dealing with a faulty adapter. Replace the adapter if you have no available method to check its function. 

 After confirming that you are using a functioning AC adapter, but the laptop is still not accepting charge, you will need to replace the DC power jack.

Your device may feel very warm or suddenly shut off at random while operating.

The Toshiba Satellite draws air through a vent, across a heat sink, into the fan. Dust can clog any of these components and cause overheating. To fix this, remove the back plate and use compressed air to carefully remove the dust from the fan, vent, and heat sink. This may also fix a noisy fan.

If the fan has completely stopped working it is most likely broken and must be replaced.

When your device clock is not displaying time properly.

To begin, make sure the device settings are set to your specific time zone. If the minutes are correct and only the hour is not reading correctly, that’s probably the issue you’re dealing with. To fix it, go to computer settings>time zone settings>set to correct one.

If the laptop asks you to set the system date and time every time you turn it on, it is likely that the motherboard battery needs to be replaced.


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