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Toshiba Satellite C55-C5240 Troubleshooting

Battery does not charge ¶ 

When you plug in the laptop into the wall for power and the battery does not charge, i.e battery LED does not light up.

Faulty AC adapter ¶ 

Your battery may not be charging because the AC adapter is not working correctly. When you plug in the adapter into the laptop, there should be a small LED that lights up to indicate charging. If it does not light up and the adapter is the problem, replacing it with a compatible one should work. Make sure the voltage on the replacement is the same as the original. To do this, read the back of the adapter.

Dead battery ¶ 

When the battery is no longer functioning then your battery is dead. The only solution to this problem would be to purchase a new battery. Check this guide on how to replace the battery.

Screen does not display correctly ¶ 

When the laptop is ON but the screen is black or not displaying the correct images.

Laptop is on sleep mode ¶ 

This laptop might be in sleep mode. Usually sleep mode is used to save battery power. You have to move your mouse or press a keyboard key for your display to turn ON.

Faulty screen/connectors ¶ 

If the screen flickers, corrupts, or does not display during the opening and closing of the laptop, the problem may come from the physical wires connecting the screen to the rest of the computer. The screen itself may also be the problem if there is wear or damage. You will have to adjust the connections or replace the monitor using this guide.

Faulty motherboard ¶ 

If the laptop is on but the screen is black, power it down. Unplug the laptop and remove the battery, then press and hold the power button for at least 60 seconds. Release the button, plug in the laptop and then try to turn it on. If after multiple tries you still have a black screen this is a sign that the motherboard is faulty. Use this guide to do that.

Computer does not fully boot up ¶ 

The computer may not turn ON or if it does, it will not boot into Windows.

Battery is not charged ¶ 

The laptop will not turn on if the battery is not charged. You will need to charge your laptop by plugging the AC adapter into the computer and connecting the other end to the wall to power up the battery. If the computer still does not turn on then your battery may not be able to charge. For this case, check the Battery does not charge section.

Faulty RAM ¶ 

If the laptop turns on but is unable to boot into Windows, the issue may be caused by malfunctioning RAM. Computer crashes, slow processing, and not turning on are all signs of faulty RAM. The solution to this problem is replacing the RAM and this can be done using this guide.

USB port unable to recognize device ¶ 

When you plug in something and it does not show up on screen.

Plugged in device does not respond ¶ 

Make sure to test the device that you plug in to make sure that it is functional. To do this, plug in that device to a different computer and see if it works there. If it does not show up then, the device probably is not functioning correctly.

Faulty wire/connector ¶ 

If you plug in the device into the laptop and it does not show up on the screen, usually the issue is the cable that you are using. Check if there is any visible damage such as bends, tears, or cuts. Replace the cable with new one to see if that works. If there is still no connection then, the cable was not the problem.

Faulty port ¶ 

Make sure that the port is clean from dust because cleaning the port might help connect the cable correctly. To clean your port you need to use a Q-tip or a toothbrush but a compressed air duster is the most effective. If it is still not functioning after that it is recommended that you take the laptop to a professional repair service.

Keyboard is not responsive ¶ 

When you press the buttons on the keyboard and they do not respond.

Dirty keyboard ¶ 

When you are typing and your buttons on the keyboard are not responding to your typing or tend to not press completely in then you may need to clean the keys. The proper way to clean the keys is to first shut down your computer, tilt the keys upside down and shake the keyboard to let out any dust or particulates, apply a compressed air duster to the keys and with a cotton swab clean gently around each key. Then turn your computer back on and test out your keyboard.


I can not connect to Internet.

Jose Francisco Resendes - Reply

My laptop dose not connect to the Internet.

Jose Francisco Resendes - Reply

Cannot turn on but orange led, caplock and numlock light keeps blinking

Obed Offwi - Reply

After about 45 minutes of taking out the battery Holdin’s down power button and etc. It finally turn on. But I did notice before it turn on the charging light was not showing. Also when it did turn on it ask for the date and time etc. then rebooted and it only had 8% of charge.

Clarence - Reply

When I turn on my computer, the display screen does not show (black). I have to switch it off and on continuously (about 3hrs or more) before it the display screen will then show.

Please how do I fix this?


attih attih - Reply

I put HIM on but there only stand (THOSHIBA) on the screen its Didnt going to next. Pls answer

Jacob - Reply

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