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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Guitar Strums Twice ¶ 

Every time the guitar is strummed to play one note, the game registers two strums and plays two notes.

Tension Spring Broken or too Loose ¶ 

This happens because the tension spring for the strummer is not set to the right value, or the spring is in fact broken. Look at our strummer replacement guide to fix this.

LED lights blinking, guitar cannot connect to console ¶ 

The lights on the guitar blink rapidly and the game does not respond to any input to the guitar.

Out of Range ¶ 

The Rock Band guitar only has a range of about 20 feet, make sure you are close enough to the wireless receiver

Guitar not synced ¶ 

The guitar must be synced with a specific console, to do this press the small white button on the side of the guitar, below the D-pad. In addition, press the sync button on the wireless receiver or dongle.

Buttons stiff or unresponsive ¶ 

Buttons are hard to press down or do not respond

Dirt or Dust Build Up ¶ 

Some dirt or dust could have built up underneath the buttons causing them to stick or feel unresponsive. Look at our buttons replacement guide to clean or replace the buttons.

Device won’t power on ¶ 

Lights do not come on when the bass is turned on

Power Switch Not On ¶ 

There is a small black power switch on the back of the guitar next to the the battery panel.

Bad Batteries ¶ 

The batteries in the guitar have no more charge. Replace the batteries on the back panel of the guitar.

Unresponsive or Broken Whammy Bar ¶ 

When playing the game nothing is registered when using the whammy bar, or the whammy bar does not return to correct position

Bad Connection within Circuit ¶ 

To open up the guitar and either check the connection of the whammy bar or to replace it, check out our replacement guide.

Broken or Loose Spring ¶ 

To readjust the tension within the spring or to replace the spring, check out our replacement guide.


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