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The Beatles Rock Band Drum Set Troubleshooting

Harmonix Drum Set for The Beatles Rock Band on the Wii console, Released 2009

The device repeatedly disconnects from the game while in use.

It is possible that the problem is caused from other wireless signals interfering with the Drum Set connection. If this is the case, scan your surroundings and look for possible devices that may be interrupting your connection. When you believe you have found the possible devices that may be disrupting the connection, move them as far as possible from the drum set and game system.

Another cause of this problem could be the batteries in contact with the Drum Set. This could be either because they are not properly inserted, or the device could be faulty. If the batteries are in correctly, it is possible that there is a problem with the electrical circuit in the Drum Set. Battery Replacement

The wireless USB dongle and the drum kit controller continue to blink, they will not connect with each other

Cell Phones, radios, and computers can interfere wirelessly causing the drum kit controller and wireless USB dongle to blink. These devices can emit signals that will disrupt the connection between the USB Dongle and the drum kit controller. If this is the case remove the devices away for the drum kit controller or simply turn them off.

The USB dongle could have a manufacturing problem. If none of the other fixes are successful this is likely the case. To fix this you would have to get a replacement dongle. To replace this, you will need to follow the instructions in the link below.

The Drum pad doesn't sense when it's being hit.

If one or more of your pads are not working, it is because the wires that are connected to the pads are loose . To fix this problem, you will have to remove the pad and play with the sensor cable in a way so that you can relocate its connection. Eventually you'll get a response. You want to make sure you have the game on to be able to check when the sensor starts to function. Drum Pad Replacement

If it is the foot pedal that is not working, check out Foot Pedal Replacement

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How will make my rockband drums to be a personal drums set for maybe rehearsal?

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