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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Tablet not turning on or off ¶ 

The tablet will not turn on or off, no matter what you do.

Battery is dead ¶ 

If you haven't used the tablet in a while or the battery was low the last time you used it, the battery might be dead. If this is the case, plug the charger into the tablet and the charger into a power outlet. If the tablet is charging, it will display a screen with a picture of a charging battery.

Power button not functioning ¶ 

If the tablet will not turn on, it may be a faulty power switch. Check the button for any damage or looseness. Refer to power button replacement guide for further instructions.

Battery not holding charge ¶ 

If the battery appears to be properly charging, but the tablet will not turn on when unplugged the battery may not be holding a charge. Refer to the battery replacement guide for further instructions.

Screen is broken ¶ 

If there is no display when the tablet is plugged in, the screen may not be functioning. Press the power button while plugged in. If there is no display then the screen may not be working. Refer to the screen replacement guide for further instructions if this is the problem.

Charge cord broken ¶ 

If there is no display when the tablet is plugged in, there may be an issue with the charge cord. Check the cord for dust or obstruction, and for any damage to the wiring. Remove any obstructions. If there is visible damage, the cord may need to be replaced.

Charging port broken or clogged ¶ 

Check the charging port on the tablet for any obstructions or damage.

SD Card Not Being Read ¶ 

The SD card is not being recognized by the tablet or is inaccessible to the user.

SD card not fully inserted ¶ 

It is possible that the SD card is not completely inserted in the slot. Press until card until you hear a slight click. This should ensure the card is completely in the slot.

SD card not mounted ¶ 

Sometimes the tablet will fail to automatically mount the SD card. To fix this problem, go into the tablet settings, go to "storage, " and select “mount SD card.”

Tablet won’t go into landscape mode ¶ 

When rotating the tablet, the tablet will not change from landscape to portrait mode or vice-versa.

Landscape rotation mode is disabled ¶ 

If the tablet screen will not automatically rotate, it is possible that the auto-rotate setting is disable in the system software. Go into "settings," select "accessibility," and enable auto-rotate.

Accelerometer is broken ¶ 

The last possible thing that could cause the tablet not to rotate is a potential broken accelerometer. To fix this, the motherboard must be replaced.

Tablet screen is too dark ¶ 

The tablet’s screen is very dark and hard to see.

Brightness is set to low setting ¶ 

It is possible that the tablet screen being too dark is due to the brightness setting of the tablet. Open the tablet settings application, enter the display menu, and increase the screen brightness.

Battery is not charged ¶ 

If the device is low on battery, the screen will be automatically dimmed to conserve battery power. To fix this problem, simply charge the battery, and the screen will return to the previous brightness setting as before.

Tablet is frozen ¶ 

Sometimes the display brightness simply becomes frozen and the brightness setting becomes stuck. If this is the case, powering off and powering back on the tablet could resolve the problem.

Screen is broken ¶ 

It is also possible that the screen may be dark because the display is breaking. To fix this problem, it is necessary to replace the display. Refer to the screen replacement guide for further instructions.

Can't log in ¶ 

The password for your tablet isn't working or you forgot what it is, so you are unable to log in to your tablet.

Forgot your password ¶ 

It is possible that you simply forgot your password. Sometimes a password is easily remembered by the user if a hint was made to remind the user when the password was made, and looking at the hint will allow the user to remember based on this “hint.”

Password not what you expected ¶ 

It is possible that when the password was created, it was not entered correctly. If there are multiple administrative users on a tablet, another administrator may have access to the password of your account. If not, user accounts on any platform are connected to email accounts now, that allows the user the option to have the service provider email them a link to create a new password.


Can't access Google email, try later for 6 months now?!?!?! L have access to my email via other devices.

Lori - Reply

I have to explorer

Lori - Reply

I have access to explorer and internet

Lori - Reply

Factory reset several time, still no cure.

Lori - Reply

How do I reset the tablet

Yoli Noyes - Reply

I can't get past the password. I forgot it and I can't do anything with it. Please help!

Yoli Noyes - Reply

My tablet has cast screen but does not pick up Miracast device? please help me, thank you!

Chanelcoco 123 - Reply

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