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TDK Life on Record A26 Troubleshooting

The TDK Life on Record A26 is a compact, waterproof portable speaker with Bluetooth and speakerphone capabilities.

Speaker won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your speaker to turn on and the on light doesn't light up.

Battery is drained ¶ 

If the battery is drained then the speaker will not turn on. Make sure to charge the battery fully using the provided charging cable. If the battery is not charging even when plugged in, look at the Failing to Charge section.

Failure to press on/off switch and button properly ¶ 

Check to see if the on/off switch, located on the side of the speaker near the charging port and the aux cable port, is fully pressed to the on position. Also make sure to press the on/off button on the top of the speaker down firmly until it clicks and hold down for a few seconds until light comes on.

Volume is off ¶ 

Make sure the volume level is turned up to an audible (where you can hear sound coming from the speaker) level.

Speaker faceplate pops off ¶ 

The front faceplate with the TDK logo comes off

Loose Connection ¶ 

Press the faceplate back on to the speaker firmly, making sure the logo is upright and not upside down.

Failing to charge ¶ 

The battery is not charging when plugged in and the red charging light does not turn on

Charger is not plugged in correctly ¶ 

Make sure the charger is fully pressed in on both sides and the red charging light (power button) turns on.

Incorrect Charger ¶ 

Make sure that the charger that is being used is the correct one and not one that looks similar to the real charging cable.

Charger is Broken ¶ 

Some charging cables might be defective, therefore, make sure that the charger is fully operational. If everything is plugged in correctly and the charging light still does not turn on, then the charger might be defective. Try buying a new charging cable and recycle the old charger properly.

Battery is Faulty ¶ 

If the battery is failing to hold a charge, won’t play without being plugged in, and/or drains really fast, the battery might be defective. If it is, go to the Battery Replacement Guide to learn how to replace the speaker’s battery.

Muffled/Distorted Sounds ¶ 

The sounds from the speaker are muffled or distorted

Dust clogs the faceplate ¶ 

If the sounds coming from the speaker sound muffled, then there might be dust clogging the faceplate of the speaker. Remove the faceplate by either prying it off or using a decent magnet to remove it. Brush the dust out of the faceplate using a small brush.

Blown Speakers ¶ 

If the speaker sound is distorted, then the speaker cone might be blown out. This can’t be repaired for a permanent fix so recycle it properly.

Speakers Popping ¶ 

There is a popping sound when the speaker is turned on

Volume is too loud ¶ 

If there is a popping sound, then the volume level might be too high. Turn down the volume to a lower level.

Other electronics, such as a phone, are nearby ¶ 

If there is a popping sound coming from the speaker, other electronics might be interfering with the speaker. Remove them from the vicinity. Examples of electronics that could affect the speaker are cell phones (especially older models), radios, walkie talkies, etc.


Speaker won't stay on when not plugged in.

Anybody else having this issue?

Unique - Reply

When I'm talking to somebody else on speakerphone they say my voice is muffled how can I fix this?

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