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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The hoverboard will not power on

The scooter will not respond or light up.

Incorrect use of charger

If your hoverboard is not turning on, it could be because you are using the charger incorrectly. Connect your charger to the wall and make sure the green indicator lights up on the charger box before you connect it to the hoverboard.

Make sure that when you plug your Swagtron in to charge, the power button on the side of the board’s power box is in the OFF position. If you have been charging the scooter while it was ON, reset the system by leaving the scooter in a safe place for 24-48 hours while it is OFF.

After that, plug the scooter back into the charger, still in the OFF mode, and let it charge temporarily. The LED should change from red to green within fifteen minutes.

Faulty battery

If you tried the above suggestion and your Swagtron is still not powering on, you may have a faulty battery. Take the upper covering off using the the cover replacement guide. Then, check the light on the main circuit board, which is located on the opposite side of the battery. If it repeatedly blinks six times in a row, the battery needs to be replaced. Refer to the battery replacement guide.

The battery is charging slowly

It takes much longer than 2-3 hours for Swagtron to charge fully.

Wrong charging conditions

If your battery is charging slowly, it could be due to the surrounding temperature. Make sure you are charging your Swagtron in a space that is between 32 - 104℉ (0 - 40℃). If the environment does not meet these requirements, bring the hoverboard to a place within the temperature range and wait about 20 minutes before plugging it in.

The green LED light is flashing

A green light blinks when the Swagtron T3 turns on.

Uncalibrated hoverboard

A blinking light during startup can indicate that the device needs to be recalibrated. To recalibrate your Swagtron, power the device off completely and place it on a level surface. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds until you hear a single beep. Let go of the power button. The front LED lights should start flashing. Press the power button to turn the Swagtron off again and then press the power button one more time to turn on the calibrated Swagtron.

Loose cable

One flash of the LED light when the hoverboard turns on implies that there is a loose cable or connection inside the Swagtron T3. Refer to the cover replacement guide to remove the outer shell, then check that all cables are connected. If all of the cables are connected, disconnect and reconnect every cable.

Broken wheel

Four blinks of the green light when the hoverboard turns on mean that the wheel on the side opposite the battery is damaged. Five blinks mean the wheel on the side of the battery needs to be replaced. This guide will show you how to replace a damaged wheel.

Defective battery

Six flashes of the LED when the hoverboard turns on implies that the battery is faulty. You will need to order a new battery. The battery replacement guide will show you how to remove the defective battery and install the new one.

Malfunctioning gyroscope

Seven or eight flashes when the hoverboard turns on indicates that one of the gyroscopes, the balancing sensor circuit board, has failed. A failed circuit board means that there has been a short circuit somewhere inside the system and the gyroscope needs to be replaced. See gyroscope replacement for the steps to replacing the circuit board.

Upside down hoverboard

Nine flashes when the hoverboard turns on mean that the scooter is upside down. Turn the Swagtron T3 onto its upright position.

The Swagtron is not balancing

The hoverboard is not responding to certain movements correctly.

Not in self-balancing mode

If the hoverboard is not in self-balancing mode, it may not respond properly. Move the Swagtron to a flat area, wait a few minutes and try riding it again. Make sure that both feet are touching the pedals so the Swagtron can detect them properly and that no other objects are on the pedals. Also, avoid riding the hoverboard sideways or turning on slopes to prevent the self-balancing sensors from malfunctioning.

Uncalibrated hoverboard

An unbalanced Swagtron could indicate that the device needs to be recalibrated. Refer to uncalibrated hoverboard for the steps to recalibrate the Swagtron.

Disconnected wires

Disconnected wires could prevent the hoverboard from functioning properly. Refer to the cover replacement guide to remove the outer shell, then check that all cables are connected. If all of the cables are connected, disconnect and reconnect every cable.

Damaged gyroscope

If the gyroscope is damaged, the hoverboard will not balance correctly and you will not be able to ride it. Refer to this guide to replace the gyroscope.


To view the broken wheel guide I am seeing a 403 error, access to the guide is forbidden

feolaney - Reply

How do you fix one that stays on

Jinail maple - Reply

What does the system status mean ?

Jhanu - Reply

What does system status mean on the swagtron t 3

Jhanu - Reply

How do you get the blue tooth working

Sarah Stork - Reply

Where do you buy a replacement battery for Swagtron T3?

Ted Saari - Reply

How to fix Hoverboard charging problems FIXED WORKS

4k uhd video - Reply

When turning the power on, it only stays on if weight is applied! What could be the problem? It’s only a few weeks old!!

Crystal - Reply

I have the same problem. After only 2 weeks. Do you have a solution yet?

James Myers -

Same problem - powers on - then immediately powers off. If you keep holding power button down BT and some features can be accessed but hoverboard does not work properly. Swagtron T3 - two days old. Sad.

Jim Pyers - Reply

I have the same problem. Did anyone find out what is wrong or why it’s doing this? Unfortunately for me someone opened the ones I bought for my daughters trying to see what was wrong and voided my warranty so now I have to figure out how to fix it on my own.

Mia Saechao -

What does the yellow light mean,and why won't it turn off?

Rebecca Rivera - Reply

same problem!

maddy bousheley -

mine has a orange light. we charged it, and done everything. we tried recalibrating it, and stuff. please help!

maddy bousheley - Reply

mine has an orange light. we’ve charged it, recalibrated it. when we turn it on it blinks orange. when we ride it it turns red and blinks. help!

maddy bousheley - Reply

My hover board will make a weird clicking sound when charging then 4 of the green lights stay continuously on(when hover board is charging in the on or off mode). Then when I go to unplug to ride it, it just shuts off .

Andrew Oakley - Reply

What happens if I cannot turn my hover board off

Jen barker - Reply

I tried recalibrating but the T3 will not stay powered on. When I press power button all the blue battery indicator lights are blue and when I let go the power goes off. Is the battery bad or the switch?

Ajw - Reply

The lights on the front and back won’t turn on

Victoria Hammer - Reply

My Brand new T3 just beeps and flashes green over and over. Battery is fully charged. Any IDEAS?

Randy Stevens - Reply

There is a blue light keeps blinking on the right we just got it.Charged it for to hours turned it on he used it yesterday .Today he turned it on and road it and it started blinking its the right light .

Dane Raspantini - Reply

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