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Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting page for the Sony Cybershot DSC-W80.

The camera’s zoom function is not functioning properly when a picture is being taken.

The zoom buttons are located on the top-right corner of the camera’s display side. To zoom in closer press the left side of the button and to zoom out farther press the right side of the button.

If the zoom features on the camera are not properly working (The view will not zoom in or out) then this could be the result of a broken zoom button. If only one side of the zoom button works, or neither side works entirely, please follow our repair guide to learn how to replace it. You will need an iFixit Toolkit beforehand.

The camera’s focus function will not work when a picture is being taken.

The focus feature is controlled by the capture button on the top-right of the camera. This button is not only used for capturing photos, but also for manually and auto-focusing. For auto-focusing, you can just hold the capture button down, but for manually focusing you can just tap the capture button.

The camera isn't turning on.

Lack of charge may be a cause for camera not turning on. Recharging the battery may fix the problem. If lack of charge is not the problem, the battery is probably faulty. In this case, replace the battery with new fully charged ones. To replace the battery, use this guide.

The camera won't turn on if the battery is installed improperly. Take out the improperly installed batteries and install them in a proper way.

If the battery is not being charged even if you charge it, there may be problem with the charger. Ensure that the charger is properly charging the battery. If not, consider purchasing another charger.

The camera suddenly shut down.

The battery may be dead dead due to lack of charge. Recharge the battery.

The camera may be programmed to shut down due to inactivity. Press the power button to restart it.

The image display on the camera is not appearing when the camera is turned on.

If your camera does not have an outer memory card. Another problem might be a faulty screen. If this is the case, you will have to replace the screen. Another option is to is to check and see if there is any problems with your motherboard. Sometimes a small issue with the camera motherboard can cause the screen to only show certain things such as, the menu. Another solution to take into consideration is checking the camera lens. If any of these solutions do not work, then your best option is to replace the camera or reset the camera to factory settings.

The camera's flash doesn't turn on when trying to take a picture.

Sony cameras do not operate flashes on the settings, which are shooting mode, panoramic pictures, and filming MPEG movies. If there is sufficient lighting then the camera will not automatically flash but this can be changed in the settings to force the flash to go off every time. If there is a external flash attachment then the camera will turn off the factory default and only use the attachment.

The camera's built-in flash strobes, even in efficient lighting.

The angle of the camera could cause the flash to go off, because shadows may be present. Adjust the camera angle and observe if there's flash feedback. If there isn't, the flash component may be faulty and need a total replacement.

Reset the camera by removing the battery pack and taking out the button-sized lithium battery then waiting 30 seconds. After the battery is put back in your camera should be reset. Go into the setting of the camera and turn off the, "Burst" mode and you should have full control of the camera's flash.


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