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The device will not turn on ¶ 

The camera will not turn on when the button is pressed.

Battery problems ¶ 

If after you have checked that the battery is inserted properly, press the Power button on the top of the camera one time. It will take approximately 1-2 minutes to fully start up. If the screen does not illuminate after that time, ensure the battery is charged by inserting the battery into the supplied battery charger (Sony AC Adaptor) and plugging that charger into the wall socket.

Battery type may not be correct

Ensure that the battery is the correct model and fit for the Sony Cyber-shot DSC WX350. The correct battery pack is a NP-BX1.

Battery may be inserted incorrectly

If anything is covering the battery, remove the battery and the obstruction and try inserting the battery into the camera again with the black arrow on battery pack facing downward. Press the battery in until the lock lever is locked.

Battery may be dysfunctional

If none of the steps above work in turning on the camera, the battery may need to be replaced.

Control Wheel on device does not work

If the control wheel is not responding when pressed, either the physical wheel part or the panel of sensors behind the wheel will need to be replaced.

The device suddenly shuts down ¶ 

Due to the product capabilities, after a prolonged period of not using the product, it will automatically shut down to preserve battery life. If this happens, turn on the camera again using the Power button at the top.

Due to manufacturing settings, the battery will force the camera to shut down if a specific temperature is exceeded. Before this shut down, a message will display on the device screen.

The flash does not work ¶ 

You cannot use a flash in the following situations:

  • [Anti Motion Blur], [Night Scene], [Hand-held Twilight], [Fireworks] or [High Sensitivity] if Scene Selection is selected.
  • During Sweep Panorama shooting.
  • During movie recording.

To automatically turn on the flash, you must press the button on the camera that looks similar to a lightning bolt.

Images are not showing correctly ¶ 

Some of the images are not coming out the way they were intended to be captured.

The device does not focus on the image ¶ 

Try stepping back from the image you are trying to capture. The camera is maxed out at 18.2 megapixels, so try shooting from a further distance. Ensure there is bright light around because ambient lighting is not ideal for high image quality.

The lens may be scratched ¶ 

If the lens is scratched or broken, a lens replacement will be necessary to fix the problem.

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MY WX-350 will shut down right after I turn it on and the lens extends, and the message on the screen is" Turn power off then on",

Turning it off then on doesn't correct the problem...

Any ideas on how to fix this

f Garmire - Reply

Hi! My problem is there in no sounds/ voice during video recording. Thank you!

mommylai15 - Reply

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