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The Blu-ray player will not respond or show any signs of being on.

Check to make sure that the power cord is connected properly to both the Blu-ray player and to a working power outlet. Make sure to wait at least ten seconds after plugging in the Blu-ray player before pressing the power button.

You could also try plugging the cord into a different wall outlet.

Try turning on the Blu-ray player through the power button on the front of the device. If the Blu-ray player turns on, then there is something wrong with the remote of the device. The batteries may need to be replaced. There may also be an obstruction blocking the sensor on either the remote or the Blu-ray player.

If the player is connected through HDMI cable to the TV, the HDMI controls may be turned on. To change the control setting, disconnect the player from the TV while keeping the power cord connected. Turn the device on and once the display indicates it has turned on, turn off the “Control for HDMI” from the “System Settings” on the device.

Note: Control for HDMI may be called “Bravia Sync” on the System Settings.

If this doesn’t work you could also try an HDMI cable at a higher speed.

The Blu-ray player will not read the disc and shows error message on display.

Ensure that the disc is compatible with the Blu-ray player. Check and confirm that the region code of the disc matches the region code of the Blu-ray player. Region code can be found around the center hole of the disc.

Try another disc of similar specifications for confirmation, or try the disc in another player.

If the disc is contaminated with dust, stains or fingerprints, gently wipe using a soft dry cloth from the center to the outer edge with care not to scratch the disc.

Ensure that the parental control settings are not set to “On”.

Make sure that “BD ROM 24P Output” is turned Off.

Note: If “BD ROM 24P Output” is turned on and TV does not support this feature, a blank screen will appear.

Set the “Output Video Resolution” settings to the corresponding settings of the TV (720p for HD TVs and 1080p for Full HD TVs).

For Blu-ray Discs that support the BD-Live feature, check the following;

Check the network settings to ensure Blu-ray Disc player is connected to the internet.

Set the “BD Internet Connection” to “Allow” in the “BD/DVD Viewing Settings” menu.

If disc does not play after changing the “BD Internet Connection” to “Allow”, switch setting to “Do Not Allow”, delete any conflicting BD-Live data from the “BD/DVD Viewing Settings” menu, and then change the “BD Internet Connection” option back to “Allow”.

Some players may require a USB memory device formatted to “FAT32” plugged into an ext. slot (USB slot). Please refer to Sony’s Support Website for details on how to format the USB to “FAT32” file system.

Download and install the latest system software to ensure player is updated to latest playback compatibility.

The disc is playing, but there is no sound coming from the TV.

The TV may be on the wrong input setting. Change the input setting on your TV to match the connection of the Blu-ray player.

You may also want to connect your Blu-ray player to a different TV to check if there is a problem with the TV and not the Blu-ray player.

If the video is being displayed but no audio is playing, you could be using a HDMI-to-DVI cable. A DVI input cable will only display video, so an audio cable will need to be connected to also hear audio. To solve this problem, use digital (optical or coaxial) cables from the device to the TV.

Try turning the device off and on again. This usually resolves any playback issues.

If the issue is still not resolved, you can try replacing the HDMI cable.

If you are using an amplifier with an HDMI cable to connect the device to the TV, you may need to change the setting on the Blu-ray player. To fix this set Audio (HDMI) or “Digital Audio Output” on the device to PCM to check if the amplifier produces sound.

Verify to make sure you are able to hear sound through your surround sound speakers while connected to your TV. If you can hear sound while connected to your television but not while connected to the Blu-ray player, there may be a connection problem from the Blu-ray player to the speaker. To fix this problem, make sure that the speakers are properly connected to the Audio/Video receiver. The Blu-ray player should also have the surround sound option enabled for the speakers to work.

Note: You may need to raise the volume on the speaker to its maximum level.

The volume may be too low to hear because the Audio DRC or BD Audio Mix of the Blu-ray player is turned off. To fix this problem, you’ll need to change the BD Audio Mix to “ON”. The Audio setting can be found on the Blu-ray player menu.

The tray to insert/remove Blu-ray discs will not open.

Turn the device off and disconnect the power cable. Let the Blu-ray player remain unplugged for at least 30 seconds and then reconnect the power cord. Press and hold the “Eject” button on the device while simultaneously pressing and holding down the “Play”, “Eject”, and “Stop” button on the remote. The disc tray should eject and you will be able to remove the disc.

Note: This may require two people to fix the issue.

If no disc has been inserted and the disc tray is unable to open, there may be an issue with the disc tray itself. Replace the disc tray with this guide


My problem symptoms:

1) menu background is gray, rather than blue;

2) minimal response to (known good) remote -- can't navigate to reset/reprogram icons

3) front panel buttons work;

4) recognizes DVD or CD, finds its play length, but won't play it (won't respond to play button on remote)

Is there ANY way to re-flash these things, perhaps through the USB or Ethernet port, if they won't navigate to the desired icon on the startup screen? Clearly a software or firmware issue, probably brought on by an aborted or otherwise erroneous update.

j.eldon - Reply

Can't control the volume from my remote. I can't use my tv remote either. The only way I can change the volume is on the tv itself. Can you please advise ?

Ryan - Reply

I’ve changed disc but won’t play anything please help

Meme johnson - Reply

What do do if it keeps kiking me off of everything and keeps on reseting it self to where I have to relog in to everything. Including my Wi-Fi

jwejmwe - Reply

My problem: I have a Sony BDP-S3700 Blu Ray player, connected to a new 32” Vizio Smart TV that will play all previews on a Blu Ray disc just fine, complete with sound, etc., but soon as the main event of the disc starts, I am left with video ONLY and no sound. When I insert the standard play disc for the same movie, I am able to listen to sound AND video, just not in Blu Ray performance. I am thinking that maybe my HDMI cable might need upgrading, or something to do with hardware? Help….. I am lost in the cesspool of modern electronics and can’t swim out of this one.


Dave Zielesch - Reply

My Blu-Ray player, which is also a BDP-S3700 player, keeps dimming the movies I play on there when I insert a disc. It doesn’t happen when I use Netflix, only with Blu-Ray discs. How can I adjust the auto dimming, and what setting is it on? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Julia W - Reply

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