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Shark Rocket Complete (HV381) Troubleshooting

The Shark Rocket Complete (HV381) is a vacuum cleaner that was released by Shark in 2016.

The vacuum will no longer stand up on it own

The Shark Rocket Complete, or the Complete for the sake of brevity, lacks two things that can be found in the previous series: a HEPA filter and the ability to stand on its own. A common misconception that many new users have with their Complete is that the latch is broken. In reality, the Complete was designed to be stored in a closet or propped against a wall when not in use.

The vacuum has lost a considerable amount of suction or has none at all

Before continuing to any other step, empty the dust cup to ensure that is not the problem. When full, the Complete should turn off automatically to alert the user that it is full, but if it is not entirely full, suction can still decrease.

Look for any thing blocking the hose and the attachments. Clean the blockages out of the attachments by shaking them until the debris falls out. As for the hose, remove, run water through, and allow the hose to dry for 24 hours.

In some cases, the Complete will lose a considerable amount of suction even after emptying the dust cup. This is due to dust cup being too dirty. Simply get a moist, warm rag and clean up all visible dust. For tough to clean stains, it is best to let the cup soak in warm water for 15-20 minutes and to attempt to clean it again. Remember to properly dry the dust cup before putting it back in its proper place.

Start by opening the pre-motor filter lid. This is the lid that is located just above the dust cup. Remove the two white pads that are found inside. Remove the post-motor lid located underneath motor and remove the two white pads that you see in there also. It is important that you rinse under water only. Do not use soap. Let the filters air dry for at least 24 hours. The pre-motor filter should be cleaned monthly and the post-motor filters every year.

The vacuum keeps randomly stopping or not turning on

Check to see if the plug is loose or if you are going too far for the Complete. If the plug is loose, then try switching to a different outlet or using an extension cord. If still loose then contact customer service at 0-800-862-0453.

Reset the thermostat by following the instructions below:

1. Turn the Complete off.

2. Unplug the Complete.

3. Empty the dust cup and clean the filters.

4. Check for blockages.

5. Let the Complete cool for thirty minutes.

6. Plug the Complete back into the outlet.

7. Restart the Complete by turning it on.

Please see our comprehensive guide for the replacement of the Complete battery.

The vacuum creates either a burning smell or fire

One of the most probable causes is that the vacuum picked up something that contained embers such as a lit cigarette. If this is the case unplug the vacuum cleaner and empty the dust cup.

For a comprehensive guide to removing/replacing your motor, you should view our guide here.

You can also check here for a guide for removing/replacing your drive belt.

Vacuum is partially picking up, but the attachments pick up fine

1.) Unplug the vacuum cleaner.

2.) Check here for the removal/attachment of the vacuum head.

3.) Lay the vacuum head on a piece of newspaper/paper so that all the debris can be picked up later.

4.) Use one end of a scissor to cut away any hair and pull the rest of the debris off by hand.

5.) Wipe the roller with a damp rag and throw away all the remaining trash.


Not sure where to find the info for a motor not working…. Where is a link to that guide?

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Need a new short hose that is in motor compartment.

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