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Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A

Dead Battery ¶ 

“The battery won’t charge and the laptop shuts down”

Adapter is not working ¶ 

If the device is not turning on or is turning off due to a dead battery, then there might be a problem with your adapter. Plug in your adapter and try turning the laptop on, and if the laptop is still unresponsive then you might have a faulty adapter. Replace the adapter with a new one and try again and if the same problems occurs then you are having trouble with the battery of the laptop. This would suggest replacing the laptops battery and this guide will help you replace your battery (link).

Battery is damaged ¶ 

If the laptops battery is dying quickly or not lasting longer than it should, then their might be a problem with either the adapter or the battery. First turn on your laptop and plug in the adapter, then watch the battery life of the laptop, and if the laptop battery does not show a charging icon or if the battery life is decreasing then you have a problem with your adapter. If this is the case replace your adapter and try again, but if your device is still dying or not charging properly then you might have a problem with the battery. This would suggest your battery is too old to hold a charge or is damaged and needs to be replaced, this guide will help replace your old battery(link).

Problems Saving Files/Programs ¶ 

“Having problems saving or loading files from your internal or external storage device”

External Storage Device is not Detected ¶ 

If your device has issues saving or downloading media or files to an external USB flash drive, your drive might be defective. First, open the search bar on the Start Menu, and type “Device Manager”. In Device Manager, if your storage device, such as a USB flash drive, does not appear under “Storage Devices”, it may be defective, and need to replaced or repaired. Attempt to insert the USB flash drive into a different USB port, or try a different drive.

Internal Hard Drive is Undetected ¶ 

If you receive an Error “No internal storage device(s) detected.”, your Hard Disk Drive, or HDD, might have disconnected, or be defective.

Screen unable to turn on ¶ 

“The screen remains black while the laptop is turned on and running”

If your screen refuses to illuminate after fully opening the laptop, try checking if the device is powered on using the power button. If you can confirm the laptop is running but the screen remains blank, search for indications of exterrier damage like dents or cracks on both sides of the screen. Oftentimes, screen issues originate from accidental damage like dropping the device or applying extreme pressure while stored in a bag. If the problem lies internally, you will need to open the device and run an operations diagnostic to find the problem.

You can use a mini-HDMI cable connected to a working monitor to run a “systems check” through the Samsung Series 9.


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