Samsung SGH-E317 Troubleshooting

When the power button is pressed, but the screen stays black and the phone won't turn on.

Attempt to fully charge your phone. If the phone won't turn on while plugged into a working outlet, the battery may be defective and you will need to replace it.

It is possible that it appears your phone is not turning on because the display is dysfunctional. In this case, the best option is usually to replace the screen.

Phone displays "call failed" when attempting to make a call.

Check with your service provider to see that they provide service in your area. Also check that you are up to date on your bills and your service hasn't been terminated.

Make sure that your sim card has been properly inserted into the device. If your phone still says "insert sim" after you have inserted it, your sim card may be bad and will need to be replaced.

Phone makes no sound when receiving a phone call or text message.

Make sure the volume level is not too low. The volume level keys are located on the left side of the phone.

If your speaker has been exposed to moisture or large noise amplitude, you may have blown out the speaker in your phone.

The connection from the speaker to the motherboard may have become loose, in which case you will need to repair this connection.

Keys get stuck or illicit no response from the phone.

You may have debris lodged underneath the keypad that is preventing proper function. You might try blowing on the keys; if this doesn't work you may have to remove the keypad in order to remove the debris.

The keys on your keypad may be defective, and will need replacing.

If neither of the above solutions worked, the problem may be a faulty logic board. In this case, it will need to be replaced.

Your phone is turned on but there is no picture on the display.

It is possible that you accidentally changed the brightness setting all the way to the lowest, in which case you just need to go into the settings menu and adjust the brightness back up.

If only a light turns on when starting the cell phone, the LCD screen is most likely defective and will need replacing.

If the screen is discolored, cracked, has dead pixels or is blotchy, the screen will need to be replaced.


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