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Samsung NP36535C-S05US Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung NP36535C-S05US.

While you are working, your computer shuts off without any warning.

Clean the fan/cooling module by blowing out the cooling vents with a can of compressed air. You can purchase a can of compressed air online. Use the can of compressed air to blow out the cooling vents on the bottom and side of the laptop.

Uneven surfaces obstruct your laptop’s airflow. This causes the cooling to be impaired and makes your laptop overheat. To resolve this, keep your laptop on a hard, even surface.

The monitor on your Samsung NP36535C-S05US doesn’t show anything or is displaying multiple colors.

If your screen is cracked you will need to replace your screen. Follow our display screen replacement guide.

Make sure that the display is not accidentally disabled. To check this you will need to press one of the “Fn” keys ( located in the lower corner of the keyboard) and then press “F2.” If the display was disabled by accident, then this will re-enable the display.

If the above action does not fix the problem, repeat the previous instruction one more time. Hold down the Windows key, and then push “P” twice and if the computer was set to "Projector mode" it will switch it back to "Computer only" mode.

If none of these work you may need to replace your screen.

The monitor on your Samsung NP36535C-S05US doesn’t show anything after trying to power the device on.

Ensure the power adapter is plugged in and the charge light is on. If the light is not on, and the adapter is plugged in, the adapter or charging port is faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement adapter or replacing the charging port.

If the light on the adapter is on, make sure the adapter is connected to the laptop. If the laptop only powers up when the adapter is plugged in, regardless of charging time, then the battery is faulty. Replace the battery. If you need further assistance reference our battery replacement guide.

If your battery isn't positioned correctly you will need to remove the battery and re-position it on the underside of the laptop.

The keys on your keyboard won't respond or appear to be broken or missing.

When keys can't be pressed, or are stuck in the pressed down position there may be something below the key holding it down making it unable to work. To fix this, remove the key and make sure nothing is stuck below it. You will need to wipe the area underneath to make sure it is clean Once cleaned, put the key back into position. If your key is still not working after cleaning the area, replace the key.

You can replace the key by yourself as long as you have the key’s retainer and cap. Make sure that the retainer is positioned correctly on the keyboard and then put the key back into place. If you need help doing so please use our key replacement guide.

If keys on the keyboard are missing, you will need to replace them. You can purchase a single key on the internet and follow the previous instructions.

The cursor doesn't seem to be responding when used.

To make sure you didn't accidentally disable your track pad hold down the Fn key (probably near the lower-left corner of the keyboard) as well as one of the function keys (F1 through F12 there should be an icon on the correct function key)..

In order to update your track pad driver click the start button, type device manager in the search box then select device manager. In the list of hardware categories find the device you want to update (track pad) then double-click the device name. Click driver, update the driver and then follow the directions given to you.


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