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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Applications Are Running Slowly ¶ 

Applications on the tablet performs slower than usual or start to lag

Too Many Applications Are Open ¶ 

Some background applications continue to run while unused. Cancel these applications by pressing the recent key which is to the left of the home key and then select close all.

An Application Has A Glitch ¶ 

From the home screen, select the Apps Icon, Settings, then Applications. Tap Application Manager, then from the Downloaded tab, select the app. *Swipe screen left/right to change tabs.* Tap Uninstall, then from the uninstall prompt, tap Uninstall.

The Application Freezes ¶ 

Screen suddenly stops moving making the application inoperable.

Internal Error in Device ¶ 

Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys for 10 seconds.

Application is Acting Buggy ¶ 

From the home screen, select the Apps Icon, Settings. then Applications. Once you are at the Applications page, tap Application Manager. From the All tab select the app. *Swipe screen left/right to change tabs* Once you selected the app, tap Force Stop. Confirm the Force Stop by tapping Ok, next tap Clear Data, and finally Ok.

Tablet turns off or restarts unexpectedly ¶ 

The tablet turns off and restarts during mid use

Storage Space Is Full ¶ 

From the home screen, tap the Apps Icon then Settings. From the device storage, select Storage. Finally, from the Device Memory or SD Card section, view the remaining space (located under Available space). *Delete unused items such as apps, pictures, videos, etc.*

Cached Data is Full ¶ 

From the home screen, tap the Apps Icon then Settings. Tap Cached Data. Finally, tap Delete to confirm.

Battery is Corrupted ¶ 

Battery replacement guide is found here. *You need to pry open the panel before the battery; the panel replacement guide can be found here.

Tablet displays error messages ¶ 

Error messages pop up on screen

Third Party Applications from SD Card is Causing Error ¶ 

Make sure the tablet is powered off. Insert the provided key into the SD card access tray which is located at the right side of the tablet (second door at the left). Pull out tray and SD card. Then align the tray and gently push it back in the device. *This removes any third party applications that might cause the error.* For SD card replacement, click here.

Memory is Full ¶ 

Create a backup for all your important files and data. Once you go to Settings > Account, tap on the reset key followed by Factory Data Reset. Finally tap Delete All. *This will delete and reset all files in your smartphone making it in factory condition.*

Battery is Overheating ¶ 

Place the tablet screen facing down while unplugging any charging cables. *The exhaust is located in the back of the device.*

Unable to Install or Update Applications ¶ 

Applications and Updates are blocked by tablet

Device Software Is Not Up To Date ¶ 

Swipe down on the Status Bar (Located on the top of the screen), then tap the Settings icon. Under the System section, tap System Update, then tap Update Now. Finally, follow the prompt to update. Otherwise your tablet is up to date.

Too Many Unused Applications ¶ 

The tablet can free space to allow other applications to install or update. To uninstall an application click here.

Device is Physically Damaged ¶ 

Device has cracks or faulty ports

The Screen and Camera Lens are Cracked ¶ 

For screen replacement guide click here. To avoid risk of a cracking screen, apply a screen protector. For a camera replacement guide, click here.

Headphones is producing static sounds or doesn't emit sound at all ¶ 

Keep headphone jack free from any liquids. For a headphone jack replacement click here.

Home Button is Jammed or is not functioning ¶ 

Keep home button free from sticky liquids. For home button replacement click here.



Looking for solutions to sound problems, my galaxy Tab S2 does not have any sound.

Aminur Rahman - Reply

my Samsung tablet says "an error has occurred while updating software, use the emergency recovery function in the Smart switch PC software" plz help

Taran Agnew - Reply

My e-Mail is no longer showing as synched under the e-mail tab. The WIFI

is connected and it is receiving the em … just not displaying under the em tab?

What changed??

DW Stowell - Reply

My TAb s-2 is not synching/displaying e-mail under the E-mail tab. The WIFI

is connected and the device IS receiving EM, just not displaying it properly.

Too, it appears not to be SENDING em out. E-mail, Google, Facebook, et al. notifications

are all on. A software switch ?????

DW Stowell - Reply

I have an issue with the touch screen on my Samsung S2 9.7, it was working fine then it slowed down and all the sudden stopped, i have tried forcing a shut down, and when it restarted it did nothing . I have no idea what could of happened i read some websites but they told me to get my screen replaced and some said that didnt work so i dont want to go and spend money then not have it work. if anyone one knows how to fix it please help

Cora Larson - Reply

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