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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

No matter what you try to do, the screen remains black, and the device will not turn on.

Try plugging the tablet into the wall outlet. If the device turns on and only stays on when plugged into the power source, then there is a problem with the battery. The battery will need to be replaced

If when you charge the device no lights blink and the screen remains black, try using a different charging cord. If the device turns on, then the problem was with the previous power cord, and it needs to be replaced.

Be sure to check and make sure that the power button is not stuck or broken. Try to move it around to make sure that it presses all the way down. The button may have to be replaced.

The tablet will not charge when plugged in.

Inspect the charging port for any debris, and carefully clean it out using a can of compressed air at a safe distance.

Try to charge the tablet with a different cable, preferably the official Samsung 5.3v charger, as well as from a different outlet. if a new cable still does not charge the tablet, continue troubleshooting.

If there is a red "x" over the battery, the cable you are using does not transfer enough amps to charge while in use, and you need to get a charger that has a transfer rate of at least 2 amps for the device to charge effectively.

If none of this helps, a connection pin may be broken and the charging port should be replaced.

Pushing the Home Button doesn't work or make the tablet light up.

Before making any replacements, it is worth it to try to soft reset the device. This resets it without deleting any of your data. This is done by powering off and on the tablet.

If this doesn't help, try doing a hard reset, or a factory reset. Back up your data to your computer before attempting this. A hard reset is done by powering off your tablet, then turning it back on by pushing the volume up key, the home key, and the power key at the same time. Then the Android recovery menu will show up. Navigate down to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option using the volume buttons, and select with the power button. Select yes to delete all user data. The tablet will reboot and be reset to factory settings. If this does not help, parts likely need to be replaced.

If the above fixes don't work then either the home button or the entire tablet will have to be replaced.

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The starting bottun delays few seconds. The auto screen position is fixed and doesn't change; it's either vertical or horizontal. I really want a solution to this problem.

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