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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Troubleshooting

Released August 2013, identified by model number SM-T2105

The device will not power on.

One of the most common problems that Samsung galaxy tab 3 kids have is the charging port will not charge the battery. This means that the charging port is damaged and needs replacement.

Most of the other Samsung products will require 1 amp adapter while Samsung Galaxy tab 3 kids will need 2 amp adapter. Galaxy tab 3 kids is considered above average in size, which is why it needs a 2 amp adapter to charge it for the battery to work properly.

Every battery has a operational life span. A possible reason that the battery is not functioning is because it has reached its life span. In order for the tablet to function, battery replacement is necessary.

The motherboard appears to be damaged. The motherboard is like the device’s brain, which means that if it is damaged, it needs to be replaced for the device to work.

The screen on the device is unresponsive and is stuck on one frame.

Every battery has an expected life span that it will no longer work after that. The battery has been overused, which means that the battery needs to be replaced. Another way to extend a battery’s life span is to avoid overcharging the battery.

The screen might be physically broken or damaged. Physical damaged screens are caused on impact. This will only prevent the device from working if the screen is severely damaged. The best solution to this will be replacing the cracked screen with a new one.

The backlighting helps the user see the screen, it has outlived its life expectancy or got damaged, which makes it hard for the user to see if the device works or not. The backlit light needs to be replaced.

The Camera on the device is unable to take pictures correctly.

A good reason would be having a lot of applications opened at once, close most of the applications that are not being used. Low battery could be a possibility and always make sure you have the up-to date update.

If the photos are coming out blurry clean the lens with a soft cloth as it maybe a solution to the problem.

The camera maybe broken due to the device being dropped, replacing it with another lenses or camera would be the only answer to fixing this problem.

The devices physical buttons on the side of the device are not adjusting the volume, locking the screen or turning the device on or off.

The sensor has out lived its life expectancy or has physical damage and needs to be replaced.

The connector is too dirty to detect the signal traveling from the sensor to the mother board.


Can any one help me , the buttery showing 100% then since then not booting I changed a new battery but still the same , any one can help me what could be the problem.


khaledm2012 - Reply

My tablet sim is locked how should I unlock it for free

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